Real simple dishes for today...

Hi u all doing there??? ;)

Anyways, hari nih Hubby mintak Love masak too simple jer...actually dia nak makan nasi ngan Rasam dan sayur jer coz he's not feeling well.. :(

Love buat sedikit Sambal Ikan Bilis dan Kentang favourite... ;;)

So layan jer la erk gambo dishes simple Love hari nih... :) Sorry tak banyak update lately... lil bz...


Kacang Panjang Mix...

Sambal Ikan Bilis dan Kentang...

;)) Have a great weekend ahead!


  1. Hi Love... how r you guys doing? hope ur hubby is getting better by now. Mikael is now doing much2 better. Really glad to be at home :D Never tried Rasam before. Rasa dia macam kuah sup ke Love? looks really good. :)

  2. Ijan, We r doing very good. Hubby just recovered from tummy ache. Today he ate well again. ;)
    Rasam is more like a soup. Ada mcm2 if it's abit spicy. ;)

  3. Thanks Love! Kalau pedas sure sedap rasam tu kan... now i have to reduce chili amount for mikael.. kalau tak, memang hantu cili jugak.heheh

  4. Hehe, same taste with me! Love pun suka makan pedas2...;)


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