Special Berbuka Puasa Meal at D'Taj...

As I said before, we went to D'taj restaurant near our place for Berbuka Puasa meal...it's a Mamak restaurant. Lotsa dishes, but we took whichever we liked only...cannot eat all at once... ;)

So, the dishes we ordered...Briyani Rice Set, comes along with Acar Timun-Nenas, sayur kubis, kari dhalca, kari ayam, fried chicken n some masala chicken... ;;)

Drinks were Teh Tarik n Sirap Limau Ais... :)

Hehe, that's all for now! Nothing else to write! kekeke! :))

"Errr...let's get back home"... ;))


  1. Ashika looks so cute. :). Our Mikael doing fine. They are taking good care.

    Terima kasih sebab selalu datang jenguk Mikael di blog. Kalau ada latest development will post on the blog.


  2. Mr Faiz --> Tenkiu for the compliments. ;)

    No need thanks ya! I'm BB Mikael's fan! ;) Keep updating abt him! Wish him lotsa love n happiness ;)


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