Squid Sambal with Coconut Rice...

Actually, plan nak buat kari sotong aje...tapi this morning sblm Love hantar Rishie ke tadika, Love tanya dia "what do u wanna have for lunch today?".... "Nasi lemakkk!" that was his answer...then Love ckp la that Love thought of doing his fav kari sotong.

Again he repeated "Nasi lemak"...huhu...so plan change! buat nasi lemak aje la...tukar kari sotong jadik sambal sotong plak...

Resipi sambal sotong nih sama aje mcm yang kengkawan lain selalu buat yer...cuma Love tambahkan serai ketika mengisar bahan2nya dan tambah bawang besar potong bulat2.

Ingat nak letak kacang mcm Anawahid dan K.Hana...tapi takde stok kacang plak...malaslah nak keluar lagi tuk belinya...hihi...

Sambal sotong nih kurang kacang aje...hihi ;)

Worait layan gambo plak...sape2 nak cuba, boleh ambik yer...jgn malu2 tau...;)


  1. Love sedapnye sambal sotong makan ngan nasik lemak lak tue... mmg feverett...

  2. tgk sambal sotong love nie kite yg baru lepas melemak pon rasanak makan lagi..hehehe

  3. Love, your nasi lemak looks so yummmyyy....I'm no good in cooking but after seeing your blog, i'm getting charged...hehe. Hope to try your recipes soon.
    Btw, your blog is so lovely and keep up the good work.

    -AshLevin's Mom-

  4. Hi Ash-Levin's Mom! Gud to see u here! tks 4 the warm visit...
    Hehe, sure sure...try it out whenever u r free! Tenkiu again 4 the compliments ya...
    Regards to ur gals! ;)

  5. Aymy...hehe yeah Love pun dah lama tak buat sambal sotong nih...hihi ;)

  6. Ijan...ada bawak nasi lemak Ijan ke cni tak?? Love nak try ler...;)


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