My Breakfast 4 Today - CheezyCorn... :D

Hahaha, U ladies must be laughing there right now, thinking of my breakfast for today. Dunno y, but I felt like eating sweetcorn this morning. Since I've already made Kak Azie's Sweetcorn abt 100times till date, I just thought of giving it a change of taste. So this idea came up just like that...;)

Corn + Cream Cheese spread + Salt + lil sugar = CheezyCorn...;)

For those who loves cheese, may like this too...

To KakAzie, thanks alot for sharing the Sweetcorn recipe with all of us...My hubby just loved it, and I've made it plenty of times during his last break...yohooo! Also to our guests...;) We've really enjoyed it!

Okey, let's have CheezyCorn! nyum nyum! ;)


  1. anak2 akak suka mkn sweet corn ni. selalu gak buat. senang kan!

  2. That's for what's for lunch? ...Hehe i'm kind of addicted to ur blog now...Btw, u soooo rajin masak eventhough ur hubby not around?? Good..keep it up!

  3. Kak Ain...sll buat sweetcorn aje, so for a change, Love try cheese corn plak...huhu ;) sedap gak ;)

  4. Ash-Levin...had KFC for lunch, then choc brownies from Kings bakery...lolz...
    Tenkiu2 for popping in. I'm glad u r here!
    Hehe, yeah I cook on alternate days, sometimes I dun cook also...tapau only. My son loves my cooking, and he's gud at naming those I'll cook for him...he's my Best Critic after my Hubby...;)

    Stay In Touch! Regards to ur Angels!

  5. Healthy breakfast i would say.. hahahha


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