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Happy School Holidays...

Dah tiba dah School all kids out there, Happy School Holidays...Have fun for a week! hehehe...

Just as a precaution, try not to be in crowded areas...stay away from H1N1...kalau pergi pun, pakai mask! Jangan lupa...! ;) Our health is in our hands!

Anyways, bagi kengkawan semua yang dah mula berpuasa hari ni, Selamat Berpuasa yer!!! Masa nak berbuka puasa tuh, jangan lupa hantar makanan ke umah Love tau! kikiki ;)

Worait...have fun and great weekend ahead! ;)


  1. salam love,
    singgah sini melalui pintu rumah ijan (blogresepi)....very nice header you have!

  2. Hi kak Khadijah@makcikkantin...tenkiu sudi singgah kat umah Love...tenkiu for ya compliments too ;)


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