One Malaysia...

/hihi Jom tonton Klip Vdo sempena Hari Kemerdekaan di cni...;) --- Kisses to my Hubby for passing me the link! 

Selamat Hari Merdekaaaaa! ;)


  1. huwaaaa...part nak tengok video yg lemah nih love..server slow nih mmg xde hrpn nak loading..hehee..kalo ada 3g ok ler kot..

    *nih anta nasik ayam 2 pinggan...takleh tmbh2 tau!hihi

  2. Aisey internet Hasue slow ker? Love click aje, dah leh view vdo nih...;) Love will try to convert dan post it as a vdo...;)

  3. ..suke vdo neh..
    best n kredit to sis lovenye hubby..:)
    salam merdeka ..

  4. Very nice video Love.. thanks for posting it up here.. like it v.much! :D

  5. memang best vdo nih...selamat hari merdeka!!

  6. MummySeri --> Keke, tenkiu kak! mmg credit goes to my Hubby for passing me this vdo! ;) mmmuuaah!

    Ijan --> Yeah, nice vdo kan...Love pun suka...;)

    Allkmurni --> Yeah, Merdekaaa! same to U yer!

  7. video ni sgt cool la kaka...eryn ngan boy tgk 4 kali sudah kat blog akak neh...asik reply jerk...hehehehe thanks kakak give us a change to watch this....

  8. Eryn, tenkiu2 for ya goes to my hubby, coz he found this vdo n passed to me...hihi ;) Wow Boy ngan Eryn dah tgk vdo ni dah 4 kali eh? hehehe ;)


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