Tomato Ghee Rice...

Bahan2nya :-  Guna rice cooker
Bahan (A)
  • 4 cawan beras Basmathi (dicuci, direndam dlm air selama 30minit dan ditoskan airnya)
  • 4 cawan air
  • 1 cawan susu cair
  • garam secukup rasa
  • 1 biji tomato ~ dihiris
  • 2 biji cili hijau ~ dihiris
Bahan (B)
  • 1 batang kulit kayu manis
  • 3 biji buah pelaga
  • 3 biji cengkih
  • 1 kuntum bunga lawang
  • 4 bawang merah *
  • 3 ulas bawang putih *
  • 1 inci halia *
  • 1 bawang besar ~ dihiris
  • 2 sb puri tomato
  • 2 helai daun pandan ~ disimpul
  • segenggam daun pudina
  • sedikit daun ketumbar
  • 4 sb minyak sapi
  • 2 sb margerin

Cara2 membua
tnya :-
  1. Masukkan Bahan (A) dlm periuk nasi. Kacau sebati. Ketepikan.
  2. Kisar bahan2 bertanda *.
  3. Panaskan minyak sapi dan margerin dlm kuali. Tumis kayu manis, bunga lawang, bunga cengkih dan buah pelaga. Masukkan bawang besar dan bahan2 kisar. Tumis hingga wangi.
  4. Masukkan puri tomato, daun pandan, daun pudina dan daun ketumbar. Kacau sekejap dan padamkan api.
  5. Campurkan bahan2 tumisan ke dlm periuk nasi tadi. Kacau sebati dan biarkan masak.
  6. Dah masak, padamkan suis periuk. Biarkan nasi dlm periuk selama 30minit lagi supaya kering.
  7. Akhir sekali, kacau nasi ngan chopstick/ sudip kayu. Sedia dihidang! ;))

Recipe in ENGLISH :~ (using rice cooker)

Ingredients :~

  • 4 cups basmati rice (washed, soaked in water for 30 minutes, strained)
  • 4 cups water 
  • 1 cup evaporated milk
  • salt to taste
  • 1 ​​tomato ~ sliced
  • 2 green chillies ~ sliced

  •      1 cinnamon stick
  •      3 cardamom seeds
  •      3 pieces of cloves
  •      1 star anise flower
  •      4 red onion *
  •      3 cloves garlic *
  •      1 inch ginger *
  •      1 large onion, sliced ​​~
  •      2 tbsb tomato puree
  •      2 pandan leaves ~ knotted
  •      handful of mint leaves
  •      few coriander leaves
  •      4 tbsb ghee
  •      2 tbsb margarine

Cooking method :~
  1. Put ingredients (A) in a rice cooker. Stir well. Leave aside.       
  2. Blend together ingredients marked with *.       
  3. Heat ghee and margerine in a pan. Saute cinnamon, star anise, cloves and cardamom. Add onion and blended paste. Saute until fragrant.        
  4. Add tomato purée, pandan leaves, mint leaves and coriander leaves. Stir briefly and turn off heat. 
  5. Add the mixture to rice cooker. Mix together. Turn on the rice cooker and allow to cook. 
  6. Once cooked, turn off the power and leave the rice in cooker for another 30 minutes.  
  7. Stir the rice gently using a chopstick or a wooden spatula. Ready to be served :)

Note: The amount of water used can be vary for types for basmathi rice :)


  1. akak mesti cuba resipi luv ni satu hr nanti!!! sedap mkn ngan ayam merah berempah tu!!

  2. Hi...that looks yummy! That will also go with mutton. Do you have any special easy recipe for mutton coz hubby n I love mutton :)

  3. K.Ain --> Hehe, boleh cuba ye kak! pasti akak suka...Love dan family pun mkn bertambah2 smlm! heeee ;)

  4. Ash-Levin --> Yeahhh! Mutton will be a great companion for this Tomato Ghee Rice. I love mutton tooo! But rarely eat. I always do Mutton Masala for my family...everyone just loves it. It's little thick in gravy but u may add water to make it a lighter curry. Here's the recipe..

  5. Love, basmati tu memang kena rendam dulu ke sebelum masak? kite selalu masak terus je la...

  6. Ijan --> Love dah biasa rendam Beras Basmathi terlebih dahulu, make it softer. Baru boleh measure airnya correctly...if not sll terlebih/terkurang je air...kekeke ;)


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