Diwali Delights...

Helllooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Hru all there??? Semua sihat??? :)) Hope all of U r doing fine erk!

I'm back again! Anyone missed Love here??? hihihi :)

Anyways, Diwali this year was a great one eventhough we didn't do much at home...no open house coz we only knew my hubby will be around in the last minute...;)

So, like I said before, we jalan2 cari makan jer la! kihkihkih! Once a while kena rasa masakan orang lain gak kan! :))

On Diwali eve, we went to parent's hse...for some prayers...;) had makan after that...

On Diwali day plak, we went again to parent's open house...phew mcm2 ada! but unfortunately Love unable to snap any pics...ramai guests...camera pun terlupa plak! adeyyy! :)

My mum cooked so many dishes...phew! from Briyani to mutton...chicken, mix vege...n etc etc! ;))

Love tapau some cookies jer from her...the pics r below!

2nd Diwali day, we went to my eldest sis open hse...phewwww...ramai gak guests there...dishes were delicious! Pandai gak my sis cook erk! hihihi ;)

Again, Love unable to take her dishes pics...camera pun tak dibawa...just took some pics of Rishie using my n97.. :)

Kids memang had lotsa fun...Rishie definately had a great time! :)

Of all, We were happy coz my hubby was around for Diwali... \:D/

Anyways, my Hubby left for Brazil last nite :(... had to leave on short notice...he got email from company dia pagi smlm jer! Bengang betul we both, tapi kena understand gak...atleast he was around for Diwali...we couldn't ask for more la kan! =((

He flew from KLIA to Paris...karang tgh flying from Paris to Rio De Janeiro...wish him a safe journey...LOVE U n MISSED U DEAR :x

Woraitttt! Enjoy some pics of my mum's Diwali cookies ya!!! ;) Love tak reti nak mengukis pun! hihihi :)

A-must-have for Diwali.... Murukku!!! ;)

Ghee Balls...

Murukku too...using different mould...;)

Those red candies were tooooooo yummy! ;)

Jam Tarts...though I'm not a fan of it ;)

And...here r some pics of Rishie with his cousin Thanush...Suka berposing mereka dua nih! yang lain takmo join...hihi ;)


  1. hi my fren.. glad that ur back! im enjoying the pics now ;) thanks for posting.. maruku ada lagi tak? today my indian student bagi maruku.. at least dpt lepas geram tak dpt rasa ur maruku hihihihi :P miss ya

  2. hey sapa lebih terrer masak? u or ur eldest sis?? :D nanti suruh ur sis bukak blog.. baru gempak gitu ;) yeah.. wish ur beloved hubby a safe journey. god bless..

  3. Hello Love..miss you la...wow...nostalgia betul Akak nengokkan pic of delights tu...the ladhoo...the maruku..the coconut candy..in pink tu...its sweetness terasa di lidah mak aiii...

    glad that you had a good time...and sorry to hear that Mr Hubby dah flew back to Brazil...

    Mean while you keep well okay!!

  4. I love all the sweets yang you tayang kan tu, drooling betul2. Sebab masa I kecik2 dulu, my next door neighbour Indian family and every Diwali, mesti we all dpt sweets yg sgt2 lah sedapnya. Until now, my sis n I rindu sgt2 kat their sweets, hehehehe

  5. Love.. i lebih tergoda tengok maruku tu :p . btw yg red color tu apa ye?

  6. Love!!!!! rendu i kat u.heheh.. maruku tu i sukeee sangat... tp malas nak buat.heheh... cian dah kena tinggal ngan ur hubby ek.. tp mujur la sempat gak beraya together wpun sekejap. Wish him a safe journey! :)

  7. hai luv...how r u?? seronok beraya?? luv ur muruku!!!!

  8. Ida --> Hi Ida, yeah murukku ada cket lagik...hihi.
    Lolz...I believe every1 is unique is their own way of cooking. My sis always come to my blog too, silent reader. hihi! ;) She's able to cook for crowds...I max 15pax only. :))

  9. KakWatie --> Hihi, Diwali is nothing without those sweets kan kak. Tapi boleh makan cket cket aje, nnt sugar level melonjak in one day. ;)
    But once awhile, sebat jer!
    Tks for ya wishes kak, my hubby reached Brazil already. 10hrs time diff with us. Later today he'll join vessel dia. :(
    Sure, we'll take care! ;)

  10. Kak LG --> Missed ya Indian neighbours erk! hihi, Love tau buat murukku n those ghee balls jerk! Kena belajar nih buat coconut candy tuh! ;)

  11. Kak Yani --> Hihi, tenkiu. Red tuh is Indian coconut candy. Real sweet though! Melts in ur mouth! ;) Can do like chocolate candy too. :)

  12. Pak Kara --> Hi Pakcik, welcome to my page ;)

  13. Ijan --> Love pun suka murukku, tapi malas nak buat. But if we have known that my hubby would be around for Diwali, mesti Love dah buat this year. Tapi takpe la...will do if he's around next year. Kena ada mood wanna do all this. ;)
    Yeah, tks for ya wishes. Atleast we could celebrate together this year. ;)

  14. K.Ain --> Hi kak...Diwali over. lolz! Coz my hubby dah gi kerja. :(
    Hehe, murukku tuh my mum buat ;) Love tumpang posing cket kat cni. hehe ;)

  15. Hi kak Love,
    Tingin nak sesangat rasa red candies tuh.
    Hubby kak Love keja jauh nun sampai brazil. hubby keje apa kak?

  16. Indahhouse --> Hi Nurindah! Hehe, Love's family pun minat red candy tuh! mmg sedap, dah licin pun. ;)
    Hubby Love is a Petroleum Geologist..works offshore...kapalnya kat Brazil karang. :)

  17. those pink candies are to die for! i love those - my friends used to give it to me. how i miss those days with them.

    my eyes are having their feast:)

  18. Oh yaa...I had soooo much of murukku this year!! Btw the candy looks yummy too....
    Where's your little girl's photo?

    -Mommy Ash Levin

  19. Cheryna --> Yeah U r rite...If it's done really well, mmg sedap...tak suka if it's too hard ;)

  20. Mommy Ash-Levin --> Oh really! Hehe, I had my mom's murukku only.
    Ashika was busy being passed around...she had no mood for a single pose la ;) hihi


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