Rendang Ayam...

After such a looooong loooooong time, Love made Rendang Ayam today...

Wow, still managed to remember the ingredients! Aisey, simple basic rendang oni ma! :))

I'm sure most of U know how to do Rendang right? So Love dun have to post the recipe la erk! ;))

Actual plan today was to do Mutton Rendang, but I was just too lazy to get out from the bed this morning... then to pasar, for mutton... ;)
Luckily had chicken in stock! :))

Side dish was Raita...:)
Worait, that's

all for now! Have a great evening everyone! ;;)


  1. You buat rendang sedap sedap you tanak ajak I makan ke? sampai hati you.. musim raya lagi ni taww!!! heheheh

  2. Love..sedapnyaa makan ngan ketupat di hari raya hari suke makan ketupat tak?lemang?heehehe.. iskhh2..xleh lelama tau duk sini..geram tgk ashika tuh.comell..pp dia blushing tuh.hihi..

    *hemmppp!cubit pp ashika..cubit manje2 jek love...ashika x nangis pun..hehee

  3. nyum nyum nyum looks yummy la love ,ghajen dia merendang ye

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