^ It's Our 6th Wedding Anniversary ^

Yeahhh...It's our 6th Wedding Anniversary today!!! ;)

Such a sweet n precious moments We both have treasured till today...n it will go on forever :)

God's Gift for our Love --> Little Prince Rishie and Little Princess Ashika... ;;)

Our life is so complete with their charm, laughter, cries, speech etc etc... :-*

With all happiness in life, we'll carry on being a responsible n caring parent to these Lovely God's Gifts...We promise! :)

Dear Hubby, I thank God coz U r here with me on this very special day...(been years we didn't celebrate together due to Hubby's work trips)... :)

Just wanted to say that I Love You Dearly! N I'm always Missing You... :x May we celebrate coming Anniversaries with lotsa happiness and love...!
;)) Mmuuax!


  1. happy annivesary ke-6 love & hubby..semoga perkahwinan yg telah dibina selama 6 tahun ni akan kekal selamnya..bersama anak2 tercinta...

  2. Alahai.. so sweet:) happy anniversary dear Love and hubby. Must be so special to celebrate such a special day together... May all happiness come along ur way... today and alwayzzz :)

  3. epi annivesary yg ke 6 love n hubby! moga bahgia selalu hingga ke akhir hayat...... tmbh lagik anak yg comey2 yerkk! kikiki

  4. happy anniversary dear love & hb.. moga kebahagian berkekalan selamanya.. psst!! betul cakap ina@hana tu.. tambah2 lagi anak lepas ni.. mana cukup 2 aje tu.. dah la comel2 belaka.. enjoy ur happy day ...

  5. Hi Love,
    Happy 6th anniversary to you and hubby. May all your wishes and dreams for your future together come true. And enjoy your day today with the people you really love and cherish.
    Psst.. anything special planned?

  6. Selamat Ulangtahun Perkahwinan.Moga Bahagia dan kekal ke akhirnya.

  7. happy 6th anniversary to you n hubby! semoga bahagia selamanya!!!

  8. Happy Anniversary...semoga sentiasa happy dan dimurahkan rezeki:)

    * sume org tanya bila nak tambah anak ke?

  9. Happy Anniversary Dear...

    Love brought you together
    as husband and wife,
    now you both have
    a best friend for the
    rest of your life.

    All the best on your special day!

    The Ash-Levin Team

  10. Wishing u a very very happy 5th Anniversary to both of you dearest! Marriage is sharing and it means so much to the one who always in love in their whole life through...May God bless both of you n fmly...Your kids so sweet la Love..Xda nak tambah ahli lg ke?
    (**psstt...mesti dpt hadiah special tu, or exchange gift..hehee)
    Have a great days ahead..Love ya..muaaahhh!!

  11. To Lovely LOVE n hubby..
    Happy anniversary ..yg ke 6 dah?tak terasa kan? Gi tambah anak lagi lekas2..x sabar nak cubet2 pp ur next kiddie..hihi

    Semoga ikatan perkahwinan berkekalan ke akhir hayat.. :)

  12. Congrats dear...may god bles you all!

  13. to love n hubby..tahniah n happy aniversaryu sweet 6 th..smoga bahagia selalu..:)

  14. sis Love, congrats & happy anniversary <3

  15. To K.CikMin, Ijan, K.Hana, K.Nor, K.LemonGrass, K.Hazila, K.Ain, CheryNa, Ash-Levin Team, K.Ummi, Hasue, Anits, K.MummySeri and Anonymous -->

    Tenkiu soooooo much for all ya wishes!!! May all ya wishes come true yer! Hehe, kena tambah lagik Msian population ker nih? Cukuplah erk...our life is so complete now! It's time to concentrate on our little prince n princess...;)

    I'm so touched n happy today! Tenkiu for all ur time on being here to wish Us! :)

  16. tambah... jgn tak tambah.. hihi

  17. K.Nor --> Hehe KakNor! See what God has stored for us la erk! hihihi :)

  18. happy 6th anniversary kak love! so sorry lambat sikit wish


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