MeeHoon Goreng Special...

Dah 2 hari Love tak masak pasal tak sihat..:(

Lunch tadi Hubby buatkan Meehoon goreng nih...mmg sedap sangat! It's special coz Hubby yang masak! ;)

Love rilek aje past 2 days nih, luckily Hubby is still around to take care of me n the kids...;)

Anyways, Hubby should have left to work on our Wedding Anniversary...tapi blm lagi dpt confirmation dari co...:)

For now, kita cross fingers jer la, hopefully he'll be around for Diwali! Gi kerja after celebration dah! kikiki! :)) Sukeeeeee!

If Hubby is around for Diwali, we'll be out la erk...takde open house coz we didn't do any preparations for that...ingatkan Hubby won't be around at first. So, jln2 jer la ke umah parents n relatives. Kita pun dah lama tak makan masakan orang lain nih! :))

Worait, that's all for now...till I come online again, take care all!!! \:D/


  1. Wah pandainya hubby Love masak yer..kalau hubby akak ....main beli rady made jer lah!

  2. Hope you feeling better soon love..pandai hb you masak

  3. Untung kak Love,dapat suami yang sudi masak.

  4. K.Watie --> Hihi Hubby Love prefers homecooked meal, especially kalau dah sakit2 cam nih ;)

  5. K.JC --> Tks for ya concern kak! hihi ;)

  6. Nurindah --> Very lucky kan...hihi! Suke Love bila tgk Hubby masak..! :)

  7. Hih hiii .. are u really an Indian? U tulis cam u org Melayu ler ...
    Cepat pulih so that boleh beraya sakan ...

  8. love, bestnye dpt hb mcm ur hb... boleh la sakit selalu camtu! hehehe...

    tapi mmg bee hoon goreng special betol la.... tgk pon dh tau sedap ngan ebi yg byk tu... yummyy...

  9. hye Luv....just 2 wish u a very happy deepavali 2morrow!!! how's preparation??

  10. Precious --> Aiks, kenot believe I'm an Indian ker...hihi. Dah biasa tulis cam tuh! lolz. Nwayz, tks for ya wishes erk! ;)

  11. K.Fae --> Hihi, lucky Love kan. Mmg sedap meehoon tuh! habis licin dah! ;)

  12. K.Ain --> Hi Kak, Deepavali is on Saturday, 17th. Preparation nothing at all, we just bought some new clothes for our kids. Hehe, Will be visiting relatives on this Deepavali. ;) Tks for ya wishes yer kak! :)

  13. waaa pandai hubby love buat nieh .. heheh hubby akak pandai jugak ...

    pandai makannnnnnnnn .. heheheh

  14. Love tak sihat ye... kesian diarrhoea pulakk. Dont forget to take medicine and have lots of rest ye. Get well soon dear!


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