Happy Diwali to All Hindus Around the World!...

To every Hindus around the world, We would like to wish U all
A Happy Diwali
!!! \:D/

May this Festival of Lights brings endless joy to U...
May it be the auspicious beginning of prosperous... ;))

This greeting also goes to Ash-Levin's Family, Anit's Family and Malar's Family too!...My great cyber buddies! :)

Not forgetting to all my cyber-frens, Thanks a zillion to all U who have wished me! ;;)


C u all soon! ;)


  1. To Love n Family -
    Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous Deepavali..Do enjoy every moments!!

  2. Love...hepi diwali to u & family...if sudi..come over to cikmin blog eh..collect your diwali kad...last entry scroll down ok..special dedicated to u...enjoy your diwali...

  3. Love, hepi deepavali to you. may you have a prosperous life:)

  4. Hai Love...HAPPY DIWALI for you and family....
    buat muruku tak..akak suker makan muruku ...nak buat malas..

  5. Hi Love today is the day...must be very excited..especially the kids...oh..how I miss my Indian friends masa secondary school dulu...miss their ladhu & tosei..haha

    Enjoy Ya!

  6. Happy Diwali to you and family. Have a great one!

  7. Loveeee...happy dewali to u n ur family!!
    Nanti amik kad kat umah yer love..sori terlabat sket..
    but,i believe..better late than never...hehe :)

    mesti makin comel ashika masa deepavali nih....meh cubitttt2 banyak sket...emmmphh2

  8. To love & family

    Wish you lots of joy & happiness..Happy Diwali

  9. Thanks Love...we are still in Ipoh, having fun. Hubby is around? How's the celebration there?

  10. seronok bercuti dan 'beraya' ye kak love! hehe...enjoy ur day!

    btw, suka sgt dgn resipi ayam kak love. sedap! nnt nk cuba yg lain pulak yg belum pernah cuba. kalau ada resipi sedap2 lagi, kongsi sekali ye ;)

  11. hi dear happy diwali to u too...muahhh

  12. K.Ummi --> Tenkiu yer Kak!!! ;) I enjoyed each n every moments with my lovely family! :)

    K.CikMin --> Tenkiu so much for the lovely ecard kak! Appreciate ur thoughts ;)

    Cheryna --> Tks alot Sha! ;)

    Kak InaKL --> Hihi, Love pun suka makan murukku tapi malas cket nak buat...tapi masa Love buat 2 years ago, mmg laris murukkunya! semua suka eventhough that was my first attempt ;)

    K.Watie --> Those r gud ol times! ;) Tks for ya wishes yer kak! ;)

    Precious --> Tenkiu so much! Had a great one this year ;)

    Hasue --> Susah2 jer Sue nih...hihi anyways tks ya! nnt Love dtg ambik ;) Ashika dah kena cubit ramai2 during Diwali...:)

    K.JC --> Tks for ya kind wishes kak! ;)

    Ash-Levin --> Hiii!!! Had a great time here! How was urs? The gals must hv enjoyed rite? :)

    Nadiah --> Hi! tenkiu ya Nadiah! Wow, suka resipi ayam erk! Nnt Love letak lagi new recipes! ;) tapi Love sendiri kena cuba dulu...hihi ;)

    Anits --> Hi Anits, tks ya! Wish U had a great Diwali tooooo! ;)


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