My Kids at PizzaHut, Jusco Bukit Tinggi...

For today's lunch, we dined-in at PizzaHut... after soooo many years...since the day our taste shifted to Domino's... ;))

Unfortunately, we still didn't like the taste...errr...the dough was too thick n hard...

Rishie, someone who love Pizzas, does not wanna eat too...hmm :(

He just ate those garlic buns n some mushroom soup.

Disappointing la...hehehe! Sorry la to all those who likes PizzaHut's pizza erk! ;)

I think Domino's suits my family better! ;;)

Here are some pics of Rishie n Ashika taken at the PizzaHut! Sorry for some blurry pics ;)

"Do I look cool???"

"Owh, that was funny.."

"Lemme taste some garlic bun..mmm"

"I'm enjoying ur story, brother!"

"I'd rather eat those buns...hmmm"


  1. we all pun prefer dominos rather than pizza hut. tp kat jb ni x byk sgt domino. pizza hut melambak2 pulak.

    psst...comelnya ur kids. I luv rishie's smile. so sweet!!!

  2. Ye laa kak Ain... Rishie tue encemmm laa... pandai posing lak tue. Rishie n Ashika got ur kening eh? i liiikkkeee...hehehe... gambar mummy nye bile mau letak? :D

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  4. Rishie and Ashika are so adorable...mmmuahhhh!!
    So, when the Mommy's photo coming?

  5. K.Ain --> Same taste lak ngan Love sefamily...Dulu mmg minat bila PizzaHut ada Pizza Sate Ayam...karang dah takde...:(
    Tks for ya compliments yer kak! ;)

  6. Ijan --> Hehe minat ngan kening ker?? Maybe same with my brows kot! lols...tak perasan plak!
    Gambo Mommy? Suspen dulu for now yer! nnt Ijan dan semua lari plak! ;)

  7. IMCurtain --> Tks for the invitation! Will look into it for sure! ;)

  8. Ash-Levin --> Whoaaa, tks for the kisses! n for ya compliments! ;)
    Mummy's pic suspense for now ya! hihi :)

  9. hensem la rishie..hehe. letak la gmbr kak love skali...nak tengok ;)

  10. Nadiah --> Whoaaa semua dah berpakat mintak pic Love ker nih? hehe! sabar yer! one fine day, Love will come out! ;)


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