3 dishes for today...;)

Hi all... :-h

Wokey, main dish tuk hari nih...Hubby mintak Love buatkan Udang Masak Merah again...hihihi :)

Tuk side dishes plak, Love buat French Beans with Chicken Liver dan Prawn Omelette...;)

Will post the recipe for French Beans with Chicken Liver some other time erk...kalau ada yang nak aje la...hehehe :))

For now, layan jer lak gambo dishes erk...simple sangat, tapi sungguh mengenyangkan..! ;;)

Udang Masak Merah...

Recipe owner: K.DayangJack
CLICK for recipe

French Beans with Chicken Liver...

Recipe ~ CLICK ;)

Prawn Omelette...

Omelette yang dah berkecai kat pan tadi...kikiki :))


  1. delicious combination of dishes!! yummyyy!!!

  2. K.Ain --> Sekali-kala makan few combination of dishes pun sedap gak! ;)

  3. loveeeee......its make my mouth watery....yum yum

  4. Anits --> Infact I was drooling too! hehehe! ;)


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