Rishie's Sports cum Family Day...

Halo semua...baru dpt time nak update blog nih...hihi...yest bz sgt ngan Rishie's kindergarten SmartReader Kids Sportsday kat Dewan Perdana, SMK Dato Hamzah, Klang.

We took Ashika along gak...ramai parents yang dtg...memang sporting habis the kids...started with marching, sang Negaraku...school songs...few dances, then to games...

Rishie enjoyed and had real fun...and he got his first Trophy...! hehehe, dah masuk showcase pun...

Wish him all the success for his studies and sports!

We love U Rishie, from Papa, Amma and Ashika...;)

Rishie's first trophy!

Rishie with his Trophy! ;)

Rishie and Ashika after the Sportsday! Ashika was very tired! ;;)

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