Lunch at Secret Recipe...

Hi u all doing today? All good??? Hope so ya! ;)

Anyways...for today's lunch, Love, Rishie and Ashika dined-in kat Secret Recipe (
asyik2 SR jer kita nih! kekeke...nak buat camne mmg suka makan kat situ)...:)

Once we picked up Rishie from Smart Readers, kita terus ker Jusco...tummy pun dah krank-krunk...lapar sgt...! Adeyyyyy...

Luckily it was not time for Lunchbreak the restaurant was just empty...kita bertiga jer duduk lepak...

Worait, layan pics from Secret Recipe yer!! :))

We started off with...Tapioca Chips (this is my Hubby's fav..; missed him)

All-time fav...Thai Style Fried Rice...yummmyyy! ;))

Ice-blended Choc...slurrrrrrppp...

Rishie's plate...Kids Burger set. Love pun suka..hihi..

Bored with food pics??? Okey, jom lihat...

My beloved Rishie n Ashika...;;)

Peace forever! ;)


  1. really stuffed yourself dear...and why is that little Angle soooo moody...muka tak nak senyum...must be Rishie kacau2 dia yer!

    Since you already stuffed yourself well....ada ruang lagi ker for my cake...I baru nak ajak you join me for tea!

  2. K.Watie --> Hehe kak...klu kita gi SR, mmg sll makan habis! I ate for dinner as well. So skip dinner. ;)

    Little Angel wants everything from the table. She was more interested on them rather than posing for my camera. hehehe. :)

    Wow, nak ajak Love for tea n cake??? I'm coming over right now! Hehe, akaknye pasal..Love will makan lagi, still got a little more space here. :)

  3. Hi kak Love,
    tingginya ice blended choc tu...gulp! nak tumpang sekaki?
    windu hubby,kak? hubby kak love lom balik dr brazil kak?

  4. Hi Love,
    waaah Ashika sooooo cute!!! Grrrr geram aunty Amy. Her lips wow!! Must be come from mummy hehehe..

    Anyway nasi goreng itu menikam kalbuku lah. Huh be patient amy..Diet must go on!! Hahahaha

  5. Nurindah --> A ah, dia mmg letak creamnya tinggi2 cam tuh..kekeke. Nak join? time erk! hehehe. Hubby Love still kat Brazil. :(

  6. Amy --> Yeah, aunty Amy dah masuk!! ;) Hehe, her lips came from me? Ermmm I pun taktau la Amy...kikiki!

    Oooh, U r still on diet erk...Love nak diet gak tapi tak jadilah! Tgk makanan, nak ngap jer! kekeke! ;)

  7. abang & adik bukan main baik...

  8. hi love...ur kids are soooo cute... but i dun hv chance to c their usual d food is yummyyy.....i duno how to cook but aft seeing ur blog i aso kind of interested in cooking...letz c

  9. K.Umi_e --> Yes kak, they both mmg very close to each other..;)

  10. Anits --> Hehe, tks for the compliments. Wanna see their mum ah??? Better not...:)

    Wow, that's that means, we may see ur own cooking pics in ur blog soon!! Advance wishes!!! ;)

  11. Time kasih Love sebab uoload jugak gambar Thai Style Fried Rice tuh. Itu adalah makanan faveret in jugak di SR. Lama tak tengok rindu kat die.hehehe.... amboiii si comel Ashika tu nape serius je? Abang Rishie kacau ke? heheh...

  12. ashika)))))aunty cikmin cobet2 pipi tembam...hihihi...jgn marah eh love...seb bek la jauh...

  13. Ijan --> No mention Ijan! Hehe, that's mine n Hubby's fav dish too! Next time kita makankan tuk Ijan sekali erk! ;)

    Ashika sll muka serius jer bila nak ambik photo. Laughs if something funny. Rishie always cool! ;)

  14. K. CikMin --> No worries...cubit je la kak! hehe...lagi2 masa preggy nih, mmg suka tgk babies kan! ;) Love always pinch babies dulu...krg anak sendiri pun kena! huhuhu! :)


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