Greetings from Finland for Ashika...

Jeng jeng jeng! Ashika got another special birthday greetings from Finland today! menari

Haaaa, this little postcard came from Kuopio, Finland! Okey, semua mesti dah tahu siapa pengirimnya kan!

Yeah, it's from Uncle Faiz, Aunty Ijan n BB Mikael! Tenkiu sooooo much to U 3 there for the thoughts ya! Ashika pun so happy dapat card nih! kekeke...

Tenkiu again ya! kenyit


  1. Hai Love...Hubby still yer..wat Akak balik dulu yer...tak nak ganggu org tengah romantika di year Ashika dapat Adik...CAbuttt hehehhe!

  2. waahhh...mesti ashika seronok sebab mikael hantar bday card!!

  3. Happy Birthday again dear Ashika... small greeting card with big hug for lovely Ashika :)

  4. Kak Watie --> Hehe..yes kak, my hubby still around. Ahaha, kita running here n there right now! So busy...oh! Ahakz, next year ada adik??? Takde la kak! We've decided with 2 only! ;)

  5. Kak Ain --> Yes kak, gembira tak terhingga! hehe ;)

  6. Ijan --> Thanks alot Ijan. We don't see if it's a small or big card. The thoughts does matter. Tenkiu so much again! ;)

  7. Nurindah --> Mummy pun seronok gak Nur...hehehe ;)


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