Hello Again...

A BIG Hello from Love to all of U!!! babaiHow's everyone??? So sorry coz Love couldn't come online for past 3 days! Been so busy since my dear Hubby came back. This morning, I had a lil time to visit my blog, that too was a very quick one...

To all of U who've been visiting my cyberhome, leaving comments n messages, A Big Thank You too...so kind of U know! ros

Congratz to Kak CikMin on her newborn Baby Boy on 16th November 2009 (ehem ehem.. same number with me "7"!) Love just knew abt the good news this morning...aiyoooo! It's not late to wish her right! kenyit So happy for her!

Anyways, we had a great time on Ashika's birthday...coz Hubby came back on the same day evening...so, we went for a prayers in temple...then makan2...kekeke!

We'll be having a small celebration again for our close family members...

Again, Ashika got more e-cards from my fellow cyber frens...Kak Intan n Kak Ham! Tenkiu so much for ur time akaks! So chweet of U both! malu ....and here they are...

From Aunty Intan...senyumkenyit
Hi LOVE.....Kakintan nak wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY untuk BABY GIRL ASHIKA...tak de apa nak bagi apa hanyalah e-kek ni he....he.....

From Aunty Ham...
My Dear Ashika.....Happy Belated Birthday to You..
May God Blessed You and Your Lovely Family and All Your Wish Will Come True...

Oh yeah, Love did cook these few days...but simple2 only lah...cooked whatever Hubby wanted...hehehe!

Didn't have time for any posing lor! So sorry..

Okey, that's all for now! Meet U all again soon! Maybe tomorrow...kikiki...worait!
Take care ya!


  1. happy bday to ashika..lewat sket,tak apa kan Love?semoga sihat selalu:)

  2. Happy besday to sweeet little ashika... semoga ashika membesar dgn sihat dan happy2 selalu ;-) sama cam aunt cm lewat sikit lappy kita sakit sikit :D

  3. hi love, happy jer dh dengar love on air balik nih.. ingatkan tak sihat ke apa.. td baru plan nak tanya kabar, tup2 dah ada n3 baru.. :)

  4. hi love..miss u o'redi..hihii..
    mesti seronok hb ada skrg n wanna cook everything yg dia request kan kannn

  5. Hi my dear!!! wow mesti sibuk dengan celebration dan jalan2 dengan hubby ye... takpe2 take ur time. nanti dah ade mase update la blog ye..kalau boleh letak la gambar2 celebration birthday Ashika..would love to see that :)
    Take care dear! ;)

  6. Kak CM --> Hi kak, hehe takpe2 no probz...better late than never! Tks for the wishes ye kak! ;)

  7. Ika --> Hehe, tks Ika!!! how's ur lappy now??? :)

  8. KakNor --> Tenkiu for the concern kak!! Love okey jer, but quite busy running here n there! ;) Now, I'm back...tapi on n off la! hehehe ;)

  9. Hasue --> Hihi, missed me kah??? Yeah, mmg seronok cooking for my Hubby...tapi kita masak simple2 jer. Max 3 dishes per day...sometimes 2 jer..coz hubby tak suka makan byk2...:)

  10. Ijan --> Hi Ijan!!! Sure will update my blog whenever I hv the time! Karang mmg busy, nak dtg online pun, pagi2 camni jer boleh. Busy yang seronok...hehehe!
    Sure, will upload Ashika's Birthday pics after the celebration. ;)

  11. I know you tengah enjoy the moments dengan hubby..saje tak nak kacau.....you need every single seconds of it right?...Enjoy!!!& take care will you..Love always!!

  12. Kak Watie --> Yes kak, we r enjoying every moment with Hubby now! Nanti bila dah gi kerja, sedih plak! Thanks kak! Sure I will. ;)


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