Fried Meehoon and Mini Sausages

Hi all! Had ur dinner??? babai

Love tengah malas nak masak nih! Adey, what happen to love2cook! gelakguling

Hihi, malas tuh adalah...but this tummy still needs to eat son needs to eat as well! Cannot allow the laziness bother us too much...gotto think of our family first! Wah wah wah, Love yang malas, tapi advising orang pulak! gataiNo ler, Love advise diri sendiri jer...

Okey, layan our dinner for tonite! Fried Meehoon and Mini sausages...

That's all for tonite...see ya all tomorrow! Love too sleepy right now, but will go to bed much later only.

Good night and sweet dreams to All of U...:sleep:


  1. beehun pun sedap gak tau!! akak suka mkn beehun time bfast.

    psst...akak lg malas bab2 masak ni tau!!!

  2. hihihi..xmo minta la..sbb dah kenyang...even bihun ni nampak mengguder je kan..
    gudnite love..and sweet dream..

  3. K.Ain --> Love tak ambik brekpas, so meehoon kena makan either for lunch or dinner only. Hehe.

    kiki, akak lg malas ker??? mula memuffin dah!!! ;)

  4. K.CikMin --> Hihi, takpe kak. Klu dah kenyang takleh makan lagik. :)

    Good nite to U too...sweet dreams! Love still around here! ;)

  5. Hello Love, sedap tu beehoon goreng.....I think two plates no problemos for me, ha ha.
    Bila masak asam pedas ikan with blimbing or fish head curry send telegram, ya? Ha ha.
    Have fun and selamat malam, Lee.

  6. Love ni goreng bihun nampak best betul...dahla kite tk mkn lagi nie.heheh... pon ade mood malas2 lagik lepas balik holidays hehe... tu MrFaiz dok masak kt dapur. i nk tidurkn mikael smbil tgk tenet.hehehe...

  7. Hi Love....wah makan mee hoon yer....tak malas lah tu...sebab udang tu posing sexy gila dok lambai2 Akak...nyum2....Akak asyik minum Nescafe jer ni...!

    Our car...still tak ada parts dia lagi...but mech. dah identify the problem...Today...Akak buat arrangements dengan school that my kids can go to school by bus starting tommorrow...tapi awal dah kena leave for 6.30am...kesiankan!! Normally Hubby hantar about 7am...Hubby will still take the bus!!...Pening oo!

  8. Uncle Lee --> Ahaks, 2 plates enough for U? Okok..
    Oops, Love don't cook fishes much especially fish head curries! Phobia with fishes! :) So sorry Uncle. :)

  9. Ijan --> Hehe bihun simple jer Ijan, pakai campak whateva ingredients yang ada. Whoa Mr Faiz dah turun nak masak erk. Kesian BB Mikael, must be tired after holidays kan. ;)

  10. KakWatie --> Hehe, udang posing sexy ker tuh kak? Uh, akak byk minum nescafe ker? Love dah lama stop drink nescafe coz my hubby tak minum. Only tea, itu pun very seldom.

    Yalah, so sorry for the car. Now kids pun kena naik bas gi sekolah ker..aisey, kesian. Hope they take gud care while travelling. :)

  11. Hi kak Love,
    saya amik award ni. n bawa cendawan goreng. ;)

  12. beehoon with chives is my favourite.
    some people put bean sprouts...tapi sha tak berapa suka sangat! kalau banyak2 tak sedap!:(

  13. Nurindah --> Hi Nur...heeeee tenkiu for the fried mushrooms ya! Sedapppp! :) Oh yeah ambik tau award tuh! ;) It's for everyone here!

  14. Cheryna --> Sha, U've got a taste! hehe. Actually Love pun tak suka byk sgt sayur dlm fried noodles. Chives n a small amount of beans sprouts will do. ;)


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