Ayam Goreng Tepung Agromas...

Ayam lagik??? yeah yeah yeah...

Whole day hari nih, kita tak makan nasi...kekeke...kononnya nak diet la tuh! mana nak diet??? tak makan nasi pun, other junks kena sebat gak...kiki... senyumkenyit

For dinner just now, kita goreng je ayam guna Tepung Goreng Serbaguna Agromas + serbuk cili...haaaa...! Goreng garing this time...

B4 this, Love pernah letak menu ayam goreng guna Agromas nih gak..boleh refer di sini CLICK ...

Actual plan nak buat Ayam Goreng resipi Ijan...tapi takde stok cornflour plak! Adey...ingatkan ada tadi...ish! It's okey, next time will do...

So, that's all our dinner for tonite...layan! :)

Hishhh...takde mood nak ambik gambar pun...kekeke...malas tul tadi... penat


  1. wah...malam2 baru nak hapdet ye love...cikmin dah nak tido ni pun terasa lapo la love..td baru lepas makan nasik lemak bentong...huhuhu..

  2. takpe...lain kali leh try lg. ni pon nampak best ni... cicah cili sos.. tuh sikit sgt sos nye..kena letak sebotol kat tepi tauu!hehehe

  3. Hello Love, noticed your 'Love' at Wateirman's place and busybody over.
    This dish looks not only interesting but delicious.
    Have always loved fried chicken....though I've never heard of the name, till now.
    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  4. K.CikMin --> Hehe, mlm2 baru ada time kak. Wow, akak dah makan erk nasi lemak tuh!! Where's for me?? ;)

  5. Ijan --> Ur recipe is sure to try! Tension takde cornflour mlm tadi. Hehe, it's my fault..shld hv checked it!
    This is Rishie's plate...so that's y the chilli is less there. Mummy makan with a bottle of chilli sauce next to her! Mesti ada, takde takleh...hihihi :)

  6. ayam goreng lagiii!!! sedap ni!!! lapo la pulak perut ni. nak sikit..!! hehe

  7. Uncle Lee --> Hi Uncle Lee, tks for coming over! ;)

    I've noticed ur name at KakWatie's blog too.

    Yeah, Fried Chicken is everyone's favourite. It's a Must-Have dish in my home. Hehe.

    Anyways, tks alot for ur compliments, really appreciate ur visit here! :) U too have a great day ahead.

  8. alahai love...cikkamal cuma belikan nasi lemak kt bentong ni jek..nahi nasi lemak antarabangsa kl...klu tak td..cikmin dah beli tuk love skali...huhuhu...

  9. herk2x tersedak-sedak..ngata akak yer..dengan Pak cik Lee tu erk!...

    eh Love...malas nak tangkap gambor ye...pinjam camera leh???hihihi

    You take care...keep eating a piece of chicken every meal time...will keep the stomach from singging!!!

  10. LOVE...you have so many ideas! that's what i respect about people who love to cook like you.

    masuk blog sini, ada resepi ni...sana ada resepi nieh...and then boleh buat macam2 version! woooww...

  11. K.CikMin --> Owh, takpe kak. Next time dun forget me bila nak msk Nasi Lemak yer ;)

  12. KakWatie --> Hehe, mana Love ngata akak??? Said the truth that U r good Cook! :)

    Hihi, camera Hubby nih...byk berjasa dah kat Love, sayang sangat!!!

    Hihi, We dun eat chicken everyday...maybe alternate days! Hahaha! ;) Sure U take care too!

  13. Cheryna --> Owh Sha, I'm shy shy here! hehe. Yeah, new recipes r mostly created from other combined recipes! That's normal kan. Try n error. :)

    Love still a newbie in this cooking industry...lots to explore! ;)


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