Healthy Dinner by Hubby...

Hehehe, this was our dinner last night! My hubby made Egg Sandwiches for's healthy to have this kinda meal everyday coz it's rich of nutrients...senyumkenyit

Actually, U can also have these Egg Sandwiches for breakfast...but Love dun take breakfast, so it became dinner la! sengihnampakgigi

The ingredients were --> toasted bread slices, scrambled egg + milk, cucumbers, tomatoes, salads, onions and chilli sauce. U may also add some tuna and mayonese.

That's it...tastes really good ya! I just loved it! Tenkiu dear Hubby...please do for me again...

Worait, that's all for now! Take care all...babai


  1. Morning Love...Wah En Hubby memanjakan isterinya yer!! Hubby pandai di dapur.....Tak pe..he is good at other things...Akak pun suka simple dish cam tu...senang & sedap!!!Say Hi tu Mr Hubby!

  2. Kak Watie --> Hehe, Wifey pun manja2 jer makan Egg Sandwich tuh! Sure, will convey ur Hi to him ya! ;)

  3. Hi kak Love,
    wah! Hubby kak LOVE, juga decorate sandwich tu?
    ada bakat la, cantik dan semestinya sedap. hihi.
    thanks for raya wish :)

  4. Nurindah --> Hehe, yeah semua deco tuh Hubby yang buat...kita makan jer! kihkihkih! No mention, have a great celebration ya! ;)

  5. wowwww!! ai likeeeee healthy!!! pic tuh nmpk mengancam lah love!!

  6. healthy n delicious somemore!!!

  7. Kak Hana --> Hehe, me too kak! Pic mengancam ker kak? tenkiu2! heeee! ;)

  8. Kak Ain --> Yes kak...truly healthy n delicious kan! ;)

  9. Hi Love...
    Wah hubby Love buatkan sandwich ye... special dari yang tersayang mesti sedapp tu. Mesti time makan, asik tersenyum je tu... hehehe

  10. Ijan --> Hehehe, yes Ijan. Love tersenyum je makan egg sandwich tuh! ;)


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