Nasi lemak and it's set...

Hi everyone! babai

So sorry yer....dah 1 week Love tak post anything on food! Busy sangat since the day my hubby sampai Msia...he's still around! menari

We'll be celebrating Ashika's 1st Birthday among our close family members this evening! kenyit

Here, I really would like to convey our heartiest thank you to all of U who've wished Ashika on her Birthday...also for those lovely cards! So sweet of U all. rosrosros

Okey, here's our menu for yesterday...Nasi lemak and it's set...hehehe! sengihnampakgigi

Actually set Nasi lemak nih kurang 1 item...can someone guess it??? senyumkenyit

Worait, for now kita layan gambar je la yer! hehehe...

Nasi Lemak berposing ngan sambal udang...

Ayam Tandoori Goreng (buat 2nd time nih for Hubby, he really liked it)...Love added some rice flour to the recipe...makes the chicken much crispier...

Prawn Omelette...(nak abiskan stok udang punya pasal)...sengihnampakgigi
That's all...hehe


  1. Love!!! Lapar ni tp mesti dah abis huu

  2. Hi kak Love,
    hihi. sempat tu tayang nasi lemak.sedap tu ngamkan sambal udang dan ayam tandoori.
    maveles set! :)

  3. sedapnya ns lemak tuuu!!! kalau akak tak silap, ur ns lemak x de sambal ikan bilis goreng ye. x de pun dh nmpak so sedap!!!

  4. Kak E-na --> Hehehe, nasi lemak tuh dah lama abis kak! ;)

  5. Nurindah --> Aa aah Nur, sempat tayang gambo nasi lemak ngan set dia...kekeke! Mmg ngam ngam! :)

  6. Kak Ain --> Yes kak! U r right! Takde ikan bilis goreng! kacang mmg sll takde...coz Love sefamily tak suka. hihi :)

  7. sedapnyer nasi lemak... mkn panas2.

  8. Nasi ni kurang ikan bilis kan? hehehe

  9. Nasi ni kurang ikan bilis kan? hehehe


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