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Hi special post on Vanilla Flan Mix erk...

B4 this pun, some have asked Love how does it looks like...whether powdered form ker apa...tapi Love lupa plak nak give more info. Luckily Kak FizaNordin bertanya smlm...baru Love teringat..tks kak! ;)

Vanilla flan mmg serbuk yer...boleh didapati di Kedai Menjual Barangan Bakeri spt Bagus dll. Some bakeries jual yang dlm peket, kuantiti sikit...

Yang kat Bagus nih, dia orang jual dlm big container...abt 2kgs! Haaaa! So klu nak buat banyak2 bolehlah, beli yang container...tapi yang nak testing2...nak buat sikit jer...beli yang dlm peket jer..:)

Vanilla Flan mix boleh digunakan untuk membuat Puding Karamel, spt dlm gambah kat containernya. Karamelnya buat asing la erk...hihihi :))

Love letak gambar Vanilla Flan Mix yang Love beli di sini...

Hope this helps :))


  1. LOVE,

    this is available in the market, right? i never knew....ish3..teruknya sha nieh!

  2. Tq Love for info...
    i will try ur resepi..tapi don now when la pun..hehe..nampak mmg sedap..lg kalau sejuk2 kan..n i like vanilla flavour..emmm

  3. owwwhhh....thnx for d infoooo!!!

  4. love..flan tu ape? mcm puding karemel ke?

  5. Cheryna --> Yes far as I'm concern, it's being sold in Bakery supply shops. Hehe, Love pun baru jer kenal flan nih! :)

  6. Kak NJ --> Sure kak, no probz. Yeah, mmg sedap mkn sejuk2! ;) Mcm makan puding karamel jer...

  7. K.Ain --> No mention kak! hihi just to share. ;)

  8. Eicah --> Yes, u r rite Eicah! Flan is a caramel pudding. This Vanilla Flan Mixture is like an instant powder to make a karamel pudding, just like the pic on the container. ;)

  9. tq love..ermm sblm ni pon xtau so pasni bleh try:)

  10. Hi kak Love,
    ketinggalan ketapi la. tup2 entry vanilla flan. huhu. ni baru tau vanilla flan tu apa. thanks for the info..masuk kamus masak2. hihi..

  11. oho thanks very much love...taulah akak dah...klu tak silap & klu samelah...kat kompleks/supa ade jual sikit2 letak dalam kotak warne kat depan dia tulis "puding karamel" (pun klu tak silap) klu betullah same boleh gambar tu mmg same...

  12. K.Mummyseri --> Boleh try ye kak...maybe u'll like it. ;)

  13. Nurindah --> Laa, Love pun tau ada product called Vanilla Flan when I went to the Bagus. B4 that tak tau..hihi. Dah masuk kamus erk...gud2! ;)

  14. K.FizaNordin --> Hehe, no mention kak! Sorry kak, Love tak pernah jumpa Vanilla flan or anything similar to it kat supa/kompleks. If akak feel it's the same/similar to Vanilla flan..akak leh try gak! No harm kan. hehehe :)


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