Mango Ole Juice...

Here's another beverage...from ros@MyR...thank u!

U need :- (for one glass)
  • 100ml mango juice (I had mango concentrate)
  • 200ml fresh milk (add more if use mango concentrate)
  • Ice cubes
Preparation :-
  • Pour mango juice in a glass...then add fresh milk.
  • Mix together and add ice cubes.
  • Ready to drink.
  • Cheersss.....


  1. wooo...nih airnya yer..nak 2 gelas bleh...nmpk sedap jer tuh.mlm2 pun panas nih..hihii

  2. Haa Sue...nih airnye...jemput minum! Sedap dan nyaman tuk musim panas nih...;)


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