My First Ever Post! :)

This would mark my first post in my humble blog. Let me start the story of my Man as the opening ;)

I was married to dear Hubby, my better half, on 12th Oct 2003. The day I've been waiting hold his hand and lead the rest of my life as his Wife. :)

I love u Chello!!!

Hubby is a Petroleum Geologist, involved in oil & gas offshore...who travels around the world. 


  1. love...cikmin baru nak mula xplore your blog with this one first...

  2. KakMin --> Hehehe...nak xplore blog Love ke kak??? Hehehe, notin much interesting kot! :)

    Worait, take a tour then! :)

  3. Dear Love,

    I was just visiting various blogs to look for some indian recipes when I 'popped' into yours and I just don't know why from that day onwards, I felt in love with your blog. having my hubby working in overseas (USA), I knew how much you missed your hubby.. Anyway, your kids are with you but mine - she is currently pursuing her degree in Kuala Terengganu so I am left here all alone but I am a working mum/wife and I am happy. Anyway, I've tried some of your recipes and they are simply marvellous. Keep it up. Bye and take care. Hema

  4. Dear Mrs Hema ~~> Hi Sis, thank you for the kind words. Really appreciate ur time to come over n leave me some great comments. :)

    Owh U are alone there right now? Luckily U r working..but I know that will not stop us from missing our dear ones right...

    Wow, great to know U've tried some of my recipes! Thank you very much for the support! I'll keep on till I can...:)

    U too take care...pls do come here often, comment me anytime! Regards to ur family. ;)

  5. Hi...nice blog...nice recipes...sedang baca dari mula...;)

  6. HI Love,
    I enjoy cooking and ur blog has attracted me very much. After all cooking is all about inspiring others to cook as well. I found your blog while searching for muruku recipe for this diwali!! Im sure to try out your cake recipes too. Keep up ur good work dear. God Bless!! Rgds, GK


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