*Lychee Smoothie*

Just finished my daily home chores. While relaxing, I thought of the canned lychee fruit in the fridge. So...what else??? This smoothie idea came up....

It's delicious, no joke...hihi ;)

U need :-
  • 15 lychees - from the can (u may use fresh ones too)
  • 250ml fresh milk
  • 100ml evaporated milk
  • 1.5tbsp condensed milk
  • 200ml lychee water (from the can)
  • Ice cubes
Preparation :-
  1. Put in all the ingredients in a FP or blender. Blend till smooth.
  2. Pour in glass and add ice cubes.
  3. That's it!



  1. Sedapnye smoothie neh... harus makan laici tu dulu.ehehe

  2. Ijan yeah...laici tuh masuk dulu...nyum nyum...hihi


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