♥...Awards, Coke Float & a Break from BlogWorld...♥

Hellooooooooooooooooooo friends!!! How U all been???

So sorry I've been missing from blogging world for past 1 week! It's not because my Hubby is around, but we both have been really busy with our MegaProject lately! Hehehe, okey lemme reveal what our MP is all about...


Yes, we'll be moving to our newly renovated home soon! Right now, we are touching up whatever necessary and gearing up for the Housewarming coming weekend. Phewwww! It's really tiring I would say, especially my Hubby. He has put in so much of time, effort and money into this MegaProject...after all, this would be our Dream Home where we'll spend rest of our life together...rindu

So, with loads of work we got in hand...I'll have to take a break from blogging until everything is settled, maybe about 2~3 weeks or so. I shall meet U all again from my new kitchen with all new food, I hope! Yeehaaaaa! sengihnampakgigi Till we meet again, take care all!!! Forget me Not! peace

Before leaving, lemme post some awards I've received from my fellow cyber~friends! Thank You so much to all who passed me the awards, your thoughts are much much much appreciated! So sweet of U all for remembering me...love

I've got a Sunshine Award from all of them...

sunshineawardSathyaSridhar from http://samayalcorner.blogspot.com/ros

Kiran from http://kiranjay.blogspot.com/ros

Beena from http://mykitchen-been.blogspot.com/ros

Deepa from http://hamareerasoi.blogspot.com/ros

Pranith from http://pranithworld.blogspot.com/ros`

Top Blogger 2010 and Mommies Blogger award from...

awardkakmazawardkakummiKak Maz from http://ilhamdapur.blogspot.com/ros

Kak Ummi from http://ummizaihadi-homesweethome.blogspot.com/ros

Thank you so much dearies!!! Sorry I can't complete the rules but took the awards alone...hehehe! malu

Alright then, I'll make a move now. Till I'm back, chill urselves with a glass of Coke Float! It's easy na, fill up a glass with coke, icecubes and top it up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream...lapar

cokefloat cokefloat2

Bye Friends!!!


  1. bravo pour ces prix
    bonne journée

  2. Congrats on your awards! Enjoy moving into your new house!

  3. Congrats on your awards and for the new home:-)

  4. Hi Love,
    congrats on the new house and good luck with the move. May you have wonderful years ahead with your family in that home :-).

  5. Hai Love...
    Tahniah 'coz bakal berpindah ke rumah idaman dan semoga semuanya berjalan lancar...
    And nice award

  6. tergoda la dgn coke float tu!

    p/s: kak love, jemput ambil award di blog nadiah ;)

  7. Hi kak love,
    soo sweet. moving to your Dream Home...tahniah, kak love n family...
    tak sabar nak tgok dapur baru. hihi.

  8. Congrats on ur award and for moving to your new home,,,take care

  9. Congratulations! I know your feeling, very excited to move to new house, new kitchen, new furnitures, new friend & etc. Looking forward your new dish from your new kitchen. Ya, I just tried your lemongrass fried chicken, we all love it very much, will show in my blog soon. Thanks so much for kind sharing. see you soon!!

  10. Congrats on ur awards and also to ur new home, COke float looks really refreshing...Come back with a bang dear..

  11. bestnya pindah umah bari nanti i follow u..masih dlm proses lagi umah saya..hmm tak sabar!!

  12. Dear Love2Cook,
    Congratulations!on your new home and blog awards.Take time ,settle well and come back with more refreshing recipes.Love the coke float.

  13. hello lovetocook..
    Congrats on the awards and for the new home..
    The cokefloat was awesome...

  14. Hi Dear!
    Wow! you are moving to a new house! that's great.. congratulations! must be very busy then with all the preparations.

    Anyway, take care always :)

  15. Congrats dear..Enjoy the new house..Happy packing n moving :-)

  16. This is indeed a Mega Project. Planning and designing the hearts desired home is a very stressfull project. Seeing the completion and the final outcome gives the upmost satisfaction. I'm sure you are in 7th heaven with the results. Congrats. Am I invited? Take care

  17. Coke float looks very nice, only once i had this in MC donalds and loved it and heres the easiest way to do it too...very nice one and hope to c u soon...

  18. Am doing fine ms love,i hope you come back soon with your yummy recipes,am sure u must be exicted shifting to your new house...will miss u and thanks a lot for dropping by and giving your lovely comments each time, it does matter a lot to me...

  19. Congrats dear So moving to your dream home ...Good luck with the move:-)

  20. Enjoy ur break and congrats on those awards dear!

  21. With the moving, a Coke Float is just in time for that little sweat. Happy move!

  22. congrats on your award and new home..

  23. congrts on the award and will meet u soon..

  24. hi love...congrats on ur new house...enjoy ur staying there yah?!tcare..wil b missing ur food!!

  25. Congratulation Sis for you MP....and glad it's a wish comes true!!!Miss U!!!

  26. Coming here for the first time. U have a creative space with some good recipes! The coke with ice cream is heard of, but have never tasted it. It looks very good.

  27. Hello,
    There's an award for you at my blog. Feel free to pick em up!

    Have a nice day!

  28. hello dear,

    hope you're having a nice time in the new house !!!

    congratulations for all those awards and enjoy the new home!!!!

    coke float looks simple and refreshing, waiting eagerly for summer to enjoy this kinda drinks heartily... it 's raining & cloudy here :(

    take care & enjoy !!!

  29. Congrats on your awards!Enjoy your new home..

  30. Bon déménagement et bravo pour tes prix.
    A bientôt.

  31. Hi Love..
    tahniah yek..
    selamat berpindah ke rumah baru..

  32. That's so exciting, a new house to decorate..Congrats and have fun! :)

  33. All the best for the big move, see you soon :)

  34. Happy New Year. May all your heart desires be fullfilled. Inniya Puthandu Valthugal.

  35. hai dear love ..
    lamanya akak x kesini , love punn dah lama x update .. busy ngan umah baru yer .. hehe

    congrats .. nanti jgn luper upload gambar tau :)

  36. Wah lamanya Love menyepi... betul punya mengemas rumah baru nampaknya.

  37. Hope you are having a wonderful time setting your new house.I have awards for you at my blog,please accept when you are back.


  38. Coke float looks refreshing!1 Enjoy your break.


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