♥...Sardine Egg Paratha...♥

I actually wanted to do the Egg Paratha Rolls which I saw and drooled over at KakUmmi's, originally adapted from Gert's...

But then I was abit hesitated to make a curry just for us 2! (in other word, LAZY..sengihnampakgigi)..

So, I thought of something quick and easy...but eatable of course and luckily the little sardine can came to my rescue. Hehe...

I used to order Roti Canai Sardin (Sardine Paratha) at Indian restaurants, where the Cook always put flat the paratha, add sardine chunks, onions and some chillies...fold over and cook! Uhhh...it's been quite some time since I ate that!

So, I thought to myself why not do the same...but make it like a topping instead of what the restaurant cook does...( b'coz I'm using the frozen paratha).

And the result was awesome, I would say! I didn't need any other accompaniments for this...as I just ate it like that! Rishie liked it too though he's not a sardine fan!

I would still love to do the original style by Gert some other day, when I have some extra curry!

For those who wanna try her Egg Paratha Rolls, please do try!

Right now, have a look at what my outcome was! hehehe...SARDINE EGG PARATHA! sardine paratha3

Here's the original recipe from Gert...but I've added some...


3 pcs of frozen paratha ~ (I used 2)
3 eggs ~ ( I used 2)
½ onion – slice thinly
1 spring onion – cut small
3 pcs of sardine from small can ~ mashed
2 green chillies ~ chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

Methods :~

1. In a bowl beat the eggs, add in salt, pepper, onion and spring onion (add sardines and green chillies). Mix well and set it aside.
2. In a non stick pan over medium heat cook the parathas (without oil) until lightly brown on both sides. Remove and set it aside.
3. In the same pan, heat up a bit of olive oil. Pour 1/3 of the eggs mixture into the pan, let it cook for 10 second then place the cooked paratha on top of the omelette.
4. Let the egg set before turning it over to cook through.
5. Remove and roll up the paratha like a Swiss roll. Do the same to the other two parathas.
6. Cut the paratha about 3/4 “thick and you can serve it with some curry.
*** I skipped step 5 & 6. Just cut them into equal triangles. senyumkenyit
sardine paratha
sardine paratha4
sardine paratha2

U may also have them with some chicken/lentil curry or whatsoever curry U made! senyum


  1. Hi Love..

    This variation of sardine on prata looks just as yummy...

    another kind for me to try...he he..sedap kan? makan panas2 straight from the kuali....

  2. Ooo.... sedap ! Sedap!!

    Nanti kak tie nak tiru, hihi...

    Mekasih, ya love, bagi idea ni.. :)

  3. drooling over these beautiful pics,..well taken and so well presented....loved it and recipe too is so nice and easy...surely will try this one...thanks for sharing,have a nice day,take care

  4. Hi Love. Wow what a simple idea...why I never thought of this too.... hehehe TQ Love for sending some to my house just now...nyummmmmy!

  5. Hi Love..waaahhh you come out with this simple dish yet so yummy...next time I'll go shortcut too..hehee, no need to roll it..Ada lg tak Love?

  6. never had this before... looks really tempting!

  7. Hi dear,

    How are you and the kids doing?

    Your prata looks really really delicious... I wish I could by frozen prata too and try this recipe... huhuhu....

    I was quite busy lately..didn't manage to frequently make new posting... hopefully after tomorrow I'll have more time in front of lappy :D

    Take care dear!

  8. Hi Love,
    That looks like 1 awesome sardine paratha :-). Now you don't have to go to the Mamak restaurants anymore!
    Psst... how's your non rice diet going?

  9. Bijakla Love... all in one kan. Pakai pinggan pun satu je, tak payah nak guna mangkuk isi kuah. So basuh pun satu je! Hahaha... Very clever! Tapi yang penting, sedap dimakan!

  10. Loved ur idea of adding sardines with egg and parathas, truly tempting and feel like grabbing some from the click...awesome clicks!!

  11. Parthas look splendid. Adding sardines is certainly a tempting twist!

  12. hye love!!! dah mcm murtabak dah sardine pratha love!!! sedaappppp!!!!

  13. Paratha looks nice and pics look great!!

  14. sardine is my fav fish...nice recipe,my hubby would lov this..

  15. yummy combo...innovative one...nice recipe...

  16. Hi Morning LOve...only today ...I got the chance to visit.....I have beem busy..really..especially since Mr Hubby is leaving for China tomorrow nite...so can't stay long...cause so much to handle...but those pratha sure is makes me drool...TQ sor sharing the idea....definely will be one of my bf menu soon...hehehe!

  17. Yat Maria ~~> Hi kak, yes U r right...love pun ngan straight dari kuali. heheh ;)

  18. KakTie ~~> Hehe, carry on Kak!!! Nanti pass kat love tau...:)

  19. Sushma ~~> Hi Sush, tks for the lovely comments ya! :)

  20. KakRoz ~~> Hehe, dun forget to send me some once akak dah buat tau! :D

  21. KakUmmi ~~> Hehe kak...credits to U and Gert! :)

  22. Ijan ~~> Hi Ijan..we r good here! Try ya! ;)

    OIC, take care there know!

  23. KakLG ~~> Hehe kak...tks ya. My NTR mission is going fine...but I'm having it once a week! hahahahaha! ;)

  24. Mamafami ~~> Haha kak...I never thought of that! U r right! ;)

  25. K.Ain ~~> Hehe ye ke kak??? tapi ada topping! :D

  26. Jagruti ~~> Tks ya Jag...owh...I forgot to post ur card! Will do it on my next posting! ;)

  27. Vrinda ~~> Hi ya..then U can make this for him...and serve with any curries u have! ;)

  28. KakWatie ~~> Hi Kak, glad to see U again! Owh, Hubby leaving to China??? Then we won't be seeing his 'bekal'? how long???

    Hehe, nanti dah buat send me some ya! ;)

  29. wow...that looks too good..Sardine is one of our fav :-)

  30. For a person with limited time in hand this is indeed a splendid dish to make. I'm going store frozen parata. Thanks friend. Btw I tried the Nasi Goreng Kg at Pelita. I like it but the serving is too heavy for me. Had to push to my dear hubby.

  31. Looks yummy, beautifully presented...

  32. Gulmohar ~~> Hi ya...tks alot! My fav too...:)

  33. Pushpa Soh ~~> Hi Sis..yeah get the frozen parathas! Can do alot with that actually...:)

    Owh really! I missed that Nasi Goreng Kampung, I would only sit n eat there when my hubby is around. So have to wait for him to return!
    Usually, me n my son will share a plate. Nice na...I'm drooling right now...kekeke :D~

  34. Wow wht a tempting and delicious dish..Sardine paratha sounds new and simply superb...


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