♥...Spicy-Hot Fried Noodles & Spiced Lassi...♥

Caution! Spicy-Hot Noodles! (Mee Goreng Pedas)...:scream:

Hehehe...my all-time favourite!

This is another simple yet really spicy fried noodles...I like it this way! So, for those who cannot take spicy foodies, pls reduce the amount of chilli! sengihnampakgigi

Ingredients :~
  • 1 pack of yellow noodles (for about 3-4 pax)
  • 3 shallots ~ pounded
  • 2 garlic cloves ~ pounded
  • 3 tbsp dried chilli paste (reduce if necessary)
  • 5 bird's eye chilli (optional)
  • 10 pcs fishballs
  • 3 pcs fishcakes ~ sliced
  • 8 pcs fresh prawn
  • some green mustards ( I added chives)
  • 4 tbsp light soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1/2 cup water (add more if needed)
  • salt to taste
  • cooking oil
Cooking methods :~
  1. Heat oil in wok. Saute garlic, shallot and bird's eye chilli. Add prawn, fishball and fishcake. Stir awhile.
  2. Add dried chilli paste. Stir for 3 minutes.
  3. Add water, soy sauce, sesame oil and salt. Let it boil and add in the noodles together with green mustards. Stir well and cover with lid for 5 minutes under low flame.
  4. Stir again, add soy sauce if less salt. Turn off flame.
  5. Ready to serve!

After such a spicy dish, I refreshed myself with Cool Spiced Lassi...!

Straight to the preparing method! hehehe...kenyit
  1. Whisk 200ml low-fat yogurt with 200ml water until well blended.
  2. Add finely chopped green chillis (1 nos), shallots (1 nos), dry-roasted cumin seeds (1/3 tsp), chopped corriander leaves (1 tbsp) and a dash of salt. Stir.
  3. In a glass, add ice cubes followed by lassi. Serve! senyumkenyit


  1. First time to ur beautiful blog ....Im a great fan of noodles and other chinese food...Fried noodles looks tempting and mouthwatering....Following u dear...

  2. Noodles looks so delicious and nice pics..lassi looks so cooooooooooool..;))

  3. Wow the noodles looks terrific.. wish to have a spoon.. lassi looks super refreshing.

  4. As always beautiful clicks,noodles are my all time fav,but never mixed seafood in it till now..surely must be good to have,will try ur spicy version next time,thanks for sharing and butter milk too looks lovely and cool...happy valentines day in adv and have a great weekend too

  5. MMmmmm, coming there right now for dinner!!!!

    those delicious hot sea food gooddies on those noodles make me terribly hungry, and only my eyes can see and nothing there for the mouth, this is not fair at all!!! coming to Malaysia tonight!!!

    and the special lassi must be nice soothing after this hot dish, right? lovely post!!!!!!

  6. Yummmmmm!!!! those tempting spicy hot noodles makes me hungry truly dear, i can eat anytime these sort for noodles...Feel like grabbing that spiced lassi, looks amazing and refreshing...

  7. Those noodles look very tempting and equally tempting is the lassi!!

  8. Hi Love,
    I love spicy food too! no need to reduce the amount of chili for me please. hehehe...

    Re: thanks for the compliments. We are using Canon EOS 400D. Lense, only the basic one came with the camera. Tak terbeli lagi lense canggih. :D

  9. Tina ~~> Hi Tina, a warm welcome to my cyberhome ya! Wow, that's cool! Tks for following me!!! ;) I'll follow U too...

  10. Jagruti ~~> Hi fren, tks for the lovely comments! Come join me! :)

  11. Pavithra ~~> Hi Pavithra! Sure, come over...join me n my kids! ;)

  12. Sushma ~~> Hi Sushma...thanks for the cool comments ya! I'd always prefer fried noodles this way...it's terrificly hot...hehehe!

    Happy Valentines to U and a have a great weekend too! ;)

  13. Akal's ~~> Hehehe, yeah pls come over!!! U r most invited to join us! So sorry to make U hungry over there!

    Owh yeah, the lassi after a hot meal is surely a kick! hihi :)

  14. Priya ~~> Hi Priya...wow so U can eat spicy food too na? Come over! Lassi for U! ;)

  15. Aruna ~~> Hi Aruna, first of all...welcome to my cyberhome! Any drinks for U??? Okey, I pass a glass of lassi for U then...:)

  16. Ijan ~~> Hehe, Ijan...we are 1 gang!!! Hot & Spicy gang! Mmg suka makan pedas kan! besss...

    OIC, I'm using Canon EOS 450D! :)

  17. spiced lassi...smthing new!must try it.thanks!

  18. Noodles looks superb.Pass on the plate to me.New to your blog.Do drop by

  19. Deliah's Deli ~~> Hi! Sure, hope U'll like it! :)

  20. Padhu ~~> Haloooo...welcome to my cyberhome! Here's a plate of the noodles for U! :)
    Sure, will visit U!

  21. une très belle assiette et très appétissante, c'est parfait
    à bientôt

  22. love..you put chilli in your lassi?wow first time ni..hmm pedas?kena cuba ni

  23. Fimere ~~> Hi, tks alot for dropping by my page ya and for those compliments! Credits to Google Translator! ;)

  24. Kak CM ~~> Hi kak...yeah letak sikit je cili hijau tuh...mmg sedap kak...tak pedas. :)

  25. yummy noodles...
    btw,sis.. that font mcm hard to read laa.. (for me je kot..) hehe

  26. Anon ~~> Hi Anon ..aiks, takleh baca ker??? still the same???

  27. Wow.. amazing they look. Hot and cold :) the clicks look perfect. yummmm on the whole.

    I am here for the first time and should say that I am loving your blog. The background is so pleasant and nice, liked the header with loads of yummm dishes too. More than that the pics of your kids were so inviting and cute for my first visit here. :)

    will be back often for sure to see all your delicious dishes.

    You are most welcome to my blogs too. Do take a peep sometime.


  28. Such a lovely blog!!! Love the noodles...

  29. Nithya ~~> Hi Nithya! Welcome to my cyberhome! Thanks alot for the lovely comments ya! Really appreciate them. Sure I'll visit U soon...:)

    Stay in Touch..:D

  30. Cicily ~~> Hi Cicily, welcome to my cyberhome ya! Thanks alot for the comments ya! Great having U here! Will visit U too ;)


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