♥...Agar-agar Lapis Santan and Awards...♥

agar-agar lapis3 Good-day Everyone! How U all been??? Enjoyed my little prince and princess pics? senyumkenyit

Well, here's a simple dessert from my kitchen for all of U...
Agar-agar Lapis Santan
Agar-agar with Coconut Milk Layer)!

This is my 3rd time making this dessert...but didn't had the opportunity to post it. So, I made it again today...and it's lucky enough to be premiered though the pics are taken in rush. No make-ups done.

Having seen the dessert at
Kak Noreen and Kak AlongRoz's blog...I felt that I should do it soon...after all it's quite easy to prepare too. Thanks alot to U both, not forgetting the recipe owner Kak Norzailina Nordin. tepuktangan

Here's the recipe, translated.

.(Makes 8" square)
Ingredients (Bottom Layer) :~
  • 1 tbsp Agar-agar powder (I used 10gm)
  • 900ml Water
  • 130g Sugar (I used 150g)
  • 1/2 tsp Rose Essence
  • Red Color ( I used pink color)
Ingredients (Top Layer) :~
  • 1/2 tbsp Agar-agar powder (I used 5g)
  • 450ml Coconut Milk (extracted from 1 coconut)
  • 90g Sugar
  • 1 Screwpine/pandan leaf
Method :~
  1. Boil all bottom layer until the sugar and agar-agar powder dissolved & pour into tin (leave it to set).
  2. Boil top layer & pour on top of the 1st layer only once the surface of the bottom layer has firmed up (but not yet hardened).
  3. Let it hardened at room temperature & chill.
* I waited 1/2 an hour for the bottom layer to set, then continued to prepare the top (milk) layer.

agar-agar lapis2  
And now, it's the Awards time!

Such a great appreciation from fellow bloggers whom I've recently met over the space, Priya's Recipes (Chennai) and Fimere on passing me these lovely awards.

Thank you very much for the thoughts! So glad to know U ladies through cyberspace!

From Priya's Recipe (Celebrating her 200th post)tepuktangan

From Fimere (came with a Tag, but I'm taking the award alone)tepuktangan

Thank you very much to both of U again! rosros

Hence, I would like to pass these lovely awards to all my Cyberfriends!
I'm not naming anyone coz whoever knew me as love2cook are my friends...(the list is very long actually)sengihnampakgigi
All my Kakaks, Adiks, Sisters, Friends, Followers and Anonymous are welcomed to receive these Awards!
So, no shy2 ar!

Silakan ambil yer! Please accept it.


  1. looks fabulous and yummy....this is so new to me..looks delicious..must try this soon..thx for sharing!..congrats on ur well deserved awards, dear!

  2. Sedap kan Love...siapa yg dah cuba tu mesti sukaaaa....! Can I have some... mine has finished long time ago...

  3. Biasanya love saya buat campur sekaligus..tak pernah lak wat cam ni...must try..so i masuk utk cuba yg ni..ngam pulak time panas2 ni kan

  4. yum yum!!sedapnya dimusim panas ni!!1love,terima kasih sb bagi award ni...nak usung bawa balik dgn lori ni..adeh..beratnya hehe

  5. Hello Love...
    Terliur sungguh your agar2 lapis santan tu..nice to eat esp. panas2 ni kan...Thanks for inviting me for the lovely award...I'll pick up later k...so nice of you...muaaaahhhhhh!!!!

  6. looks so cute with wonderful pics,...and congraz on your awards,hope lots and lots more come your way...

  7. hye love. how r u?? lama tak jengah umah love ni. sibuk lah. anyway ur agar2 santan is very yummy! sesuai lah dgn cuaca yg pns ni!!!

  8. Sedapnya agar2 tu Love, mintak sikit boleh?

  9. Hi Love!
    I just love agar2 dengan santan macam ni... sejuk2 makan sedappnye. :)

  10. cuaca panas ni makan agar-agar memang rasa nyaman skali...mintak la ckit nak basahkan tekak ni,it's look very nice and juicy

  11. Lapis looks fantastic and beautiful, love the contrast between white and rose..

  12. It looks very beautiful and delicious.
    I would like to do the same.
    See soon.

  13. This dessert looks absolutely delicious.So beautifully captured on camera also.

  14. Hi Love..miss you too muah...dah angkut award ni....akak pun ada buat agar2 dadih lychee....tapi tak sempat nak update lagi....Akak jamu mata dgn agar2 LOVE dulu jer lah!TQ for the awards!

  15. Hello love..nak jugak agar2 tuuu!
    thanks 4 the award n thanks 4 being my fren.. :) nanti tampal award ni yer...cubit pp ashika sket!

  16. Priya ~~> Hi Priya, tks ya! it's a simple dessert, tastes good! U shld give it a try! :)

  17. KakRoz ~~> Mmg sedap kak!!! Can U imagine, I've made this almost 3 times already! hehehe ;) Sure, passing U some!

  18. Cikgu Nor ~~> Yes kak, love pun sll mix santan dlm agar2. But this style mmg lagi sedap! coz u can feel the santan taste better! ;)

  19. Kak CM ~~> Hi Kak...mmg sedap during panas2 ni kak! Tks for receiving the awards kak! hehehe lori cukup tak??? :D

  20. Kak Ummi ~~> Hi Kak, mmg sedap kak agar2 nih! I liked it very much! Sure, tks for accepting the awards kak! :)

  21. KakAin ~~> Hi kak, sibuk ker??? yes kak, agar2 ni mmg bes time cuaca panas nih! ;)

  22. Treat ~~> Sikit je...come love bagi lebih2 for U! ;)

  23. Ijan ~~> Hi Ijan, comeeeee join love! pls accept the awards from me ya! Tadi nak masuk again ur page nak invite ambik awards, but failed lor!!! :(

  24. Kiah ~~> Mmg sedap agar2 nih Kiah, credits to the recipe owner and for them yang panjangkan resipi nih! hehehe ;) Come, join love!

  25. Priya ~~> Tks Priya. Actually the red n white would contrast much better. I used pink...hehehe! :)

  26. Saveurs ~~> Hi ya, tks alot..sure U'll like it too! ;)

  27. SimplyFood ~~> Hi there, welcome to my cyberhome! Tks for the lovely comments! I can't get ur link...:(

  28. KakWatie ~~> Hi KakWatie, welcome back! Nak dadih lycheeeee! pls gimmeeeee...if not I'll grab some over from ur fridge! together with those yummy ice creams! hehee ;)

  29. Kak CT ~~> Hi, pls try...u'll surely like it!

  30. Hasue ~~> Hi Sue, naaaahhh...agar2 for U! ;)
    Tks for accepting the awards ya! Tks for being a nice friend too...

    Uiks, Ashika cabuttttt! :D

  31. loos so yummy!! Congrats on your award!

  32. hi love...sori kakmin dah tertinggal komuter ni..huhuhu..nak amik award yg mana 1 ni love..sebelah tangan tengah kendong faheem lg ni..hihihi...



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