♥...Hubby off to Sao Paulo & Orange Lassi...♥

Hmmmm...back to silent mode again! errrrrrrrr...marah

No heart to see my Hubby leaving to work...but love to see him coming back! Owh, that's a true wife na! hehehehe

Well, my Hubby's holiday is over and he left to Brazil again last night...gotto fly to Paris, then to Rio (
he's attending a company test in the office first) before joining his vessel in Sao Paulo...sedih Home is less one voice now...sigh

He was definitely busy doing lots of work last break...especially with our MEGAPROJECT! Haaaa, no worries...I will reveal what our MP is all about after my Hubby returns again...deal??? senyum

Anyways, I'm planning to boycott rice for now...do U all think I can do it??? Uh, been eating lots of rice lately and I've put on weight again...(
blame rice ah??? y can't I exercise like I used to do ah???) hmmmphhh! ihikhik

Owh ya...before I forget...made this Orange Lassi yesterday...I used Mandarin oranges which my Hubby got from his Marine fish shop friends...tenkiu tenkiu! Dozens of them!
lapar I've made some fresh juice as well, but forgot to snap a pic...hehehehe...

Nvm, Orange Lassi will do for now!

How to prepare??? Simple...

U need....
  • 3 Mandarin Oranges ~ peeled and unseeded ( U may also use other type oranges )

  • 1/2 cup of yogurt

  • 3 tbsp sugar

  • ice cubes

  • very little cinnamon powder (optional)

* Blend all ingredients till smooth. Serve chilled!
* If U prefer more flavour, add some orange juice...


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  1. Hi Love..
    yang lassi ni tak penah minum lagi rasanya..msti sedapkan..lagi lagi tekak ni tgh kering n kat sini musim panas..aduhhh..

  2. alololo love dear...kena tinggal lg ye...xpe2 we all sume ada kt sini tuk temankan u tau..mmuuuaahh!

  3. siannya diaaa...kena tinggal lagi!! tak pe, mcm yg cikmin cakap, we r here to keep u company!!!

    psst...nak orange lassi segelas!!!!

  4. I know exactly how it feels like to be left behind when he HAS to go to work. Dulu masa stayed abroad, selalu juga kena tinggal bila dia kena balik Malaysia for meetings. Dahlah that time I cannot drive. Luckily me and the kids jenis homely type. That helps!
    Mama pun ada sekotak limau ni... mmm bolehlah try buat smoothie... cuma nak kena beli yogurt je lagi ni...

  5. Kesian nya Love... I too don't like when my hubby travel. Kalau dia pergi KL day trip pun I dh boring, kalau lama2 taktau lah. Admire your strength & stay that way.
    Kalau me 1 day tak mkn nasi, cannot walk already. Rice is my strength & don't believe it causes weight increase.

  6. Bestnya orange lassi yummm...kcian Love Hb off to work again...but it ok time flies...take care dear

  7. KakMummySeri ~~> Hi kak...rasa lassi oren nih oklah..not bad! But I'd always prefer Mango Lassi! hehehe ;)

  8. KakAin ~~> We r in the same boat kak! huhuhu ;)

  9. Kak Mamafami ~~> Hehehe, until now I can't stand watching my Hubby leaving the hse. But luckily I can drive around and I got my kids to cheer me up! I have to keep a strong face so that they don't be sad as well. mmm.

    Owh sure, nnt try Smoothie erk! Don't forget to send me some! ;)

  10. KakRoz ~~> Hehe, tenkiu Kak! I have to keep strong for my kids. Don't want them to be sad as well. :)

    Aiks, U r small size...U definitely need rice. But as for me, rice can easily put weight on me! hehehe ;)

  11. Kak JC ~~> Tenkiu for the concern kak! I'm okey! Just messaged him! hehehe ;)

  12. hI lOVE...Ha time chinese new year semua rumah ada limau..leh lah kita buat ayer buah limau resepi yg Love kasi..!!! lepas tu semua org sakit tekak..pasal org kata limau ni panas..BUT dont worry kita ramai2 pi umah INAHAR..mintak ubat..he..he....Cuma sakit rindu mcham LOVE belum ada ubat lagi..He..he..he..

  13. Love your new look...lassi is my fav too...hubby left for work so keep yourselves busy so won't feel the pain and stay connected....

  14. Hi kak Love,
    Jauhnya Hubby kak Love keja. That's a true wife, Love to see Hubby comin back. That is You, dear :)
    take care ya, muah

  15. Hai Love...
    Masih sabar menanti your MP tuuuu...
    Emmmm...mesti sunyi kan bila hubby tak de kat rumah...2~3 hari pun dah terasa, inikan pula dalam masa yang lama, jauh pula tuuu...
    Takpe, nanti kitorang sama² temankan u...key....

  16. hai love.. awakkan kuat semangat.. walaupun jauh orang kata indah sebab ia mengajar kita erti rindu...

  17. alahai love, siannye... kena tinggal lagi ekk! xpe, kalo ikut pepatah melayu..."sayangkan isteri tingal2kan" ok la tu, means ur hb luv u so much!

    kfae ada tuk temankan yea...hehehe! jgn sedih2 lg tau!

  18. KakNorli ~~> Aiks, limau nih panas ke kak??? Taktau plak Love! hehehe ;)

    Sure, kita mintak KakInahar bagi diskaun erk! hihi ;) Correct!, tiada penawar/ubat untuk rindu! :)

  19. Treat n Trick ~~> Hehe, sure kak! Luckily my kids are with me! Time passes...:)

  20. Nurindah ~~> What to do Nur...vessel dia karang kat Brazil jer...huhuhu! travel punya la lama! Kesian kat Hubby gak...but nak cari rezeki, have to sacrify! :)

  21. Sue ~~> Hehe, baiknya Sue! Nanti bila Hubby dah balik next holiday, Love bagitau erk about our MP! Memang pun, Love pun rasa camtu gak, but kids kena jaga kan. ;)

  22. Kak Fae ~~> Whoa ada pepatah ye kak! Hihihi I love my hubby so much, so do he! hehehe ;) tks kak!

  23. This orange lassi looks really refreshing! Thank you for submitting your entry for the challenge. Good luck!

  24. Kitchen Flavours ~~> Thank U very much. I sent the entry coz U r hosting it...:)


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