♥...Sandwich Sambal Ikan Bilis & Ayam Goreng Berempah Serai...♥

:woooh: My first day of mission, success! What mission??? Hehehe, NO-TO-RICE Mission...

But my son and daughter need to eat na...cannot pull them into my mission...ahakz!jelir

So for Rishie, I made his favourite fried chicken...what else...Ayam Goreng Berempah Serai lah (Lemongrass Fried Chicken). He had that with rice, rasam and cucumber salad. Ashika joined her brother too! sengihnampakgigi

As for myself, I cooked some Sambal Ikan Bilis (Anchovies Sambal)...spread on bread slices and had it like sandwich! kenyit

Anyways, my Hubby has reached Rio...right now (it's still morning there) he's in the office attending some test! All the best Chello! U can do it...love

Made this sambal dry...followed recipe Kak Lina_pg! But I omitted the potato this time...
Check out the RECIPE (recipe posted in Malay...kindly comment me if U need a translation)

A shot with flash...

My all-time favourite Ayam Goreng Berempah Serai (AGBS)...
CLICK for recipe
(again, the recipe is posted in Malay)

d Night All!


  1. Love, sambal ikan bilis..kalu tiap hari mkn pun best..kalu ikan bilisnya garing lg laju akak mkn hiiiii

  2. Go Love Go! 1 day down, how many more to go?:-)

  3. hari tu pun nadiah buat sambal ikan bilis tapi mkn dgn nasi. sambal ikan bilis my all-time favourite! sejak kecik lagi suka mkn sambal ikan bilis ;)

  4. KakJC ~~> Hi Kak, yeah Love buat sambal tu garing jer...krak kruk ikan bilis tuh after sometime pun! Suka sgt ikan bilis! hehehe ;)

  5. KakLG ~~> Hehehe tks kak! If all okey, I mean my if my body get along without rice...y not a month! hihihi :) But, I'm craving for other food plak! Aiyok!

  6. Nadiah ~~> Same like me! I just love sambal ikan bilis, goreng je pun I like! I don't like Nasi Lemak without ikan bilis pun! hehehe ;)

  7. akak pun ada buat sambal tumis gak. mkn ngan nasi pns2 mmg sedapppp!!!!!

    psst...hubby akak very xcited la about her little girl. after all, honey is daddy's girl!!!

  8. Hi LOVE...wah HTN...Hari Tanpa Nasi....bila Akak nak start erk!....tiap2 hari ada nasi..kalau tak habiskan..sayang pulak nanti basi...hehehe..

    Uish ikan bilis tu...Akak kalau dapat sebaalang wat kudapan sambil nonton Tv pun boleh ...hehehe~!

  9. no to rice mission?ok,ok...only when im sleeping~hehehe!gud luck <3!

  10. Sambal ikan bilis looks yummy...Kak love rasam, can I have some?

  11. Hai Love..
    admire tengok u punya sambal bilis...kalau I camni..hancusss diet....bertambah² keping rotinya.....

    Apa² good luck for your mission

  12. Kak Ain ~~> Adui, kecur air liur baca akak makan ngan NL! uwaaaa.. No no...Love! Control urself! hahaha ;)

    Owh I see, sure he missed U alls alot kan ;)

  13. KakWatie ~~> Hi Kak...Love say NTR je...tapi sebat yang lain! wakakakaka...

    Me too...like sambal ikan bilis alot!

  14. Deliah's Deli ~~> Hehe, tenkiu2! Hopefully my mission is on! ;)

  15. Treat n Trick ~~> Aiks, U called me kak ah??? So U r younger than me erk...hihihi! I was calling u kak all the while..;)

    Yeah, rasam! Heaven la, rasam with ikan bilis! Too bad, I missed it this time...makan roti! Come come...join Love! ;)

  16. Sue ~~> Hehe, actually Love said NTR je..but still sebat other food! Mana nak diet nih? aduiii...:) Tks Sue!

  17. Hi thats so nice of u for ur encouraging words..u have a beautiful blog and anchovy sambal looks fantastic...

    Meet me at my blog when time permits and will definitely come often..

  18. Priya ~~> Hi Priya, welcome to my page ya! Thank U!!! Sure, we'll meet again...stay in touch! ;)

  19. Hi Love, are you on diet? You know something, bread has more calories than a plate of rice. Check it out. I think yogurt and fruits are the best choice for dieting.

  20. Anon ~~> Hi Anon...owh no, I'm not on diet! hehehe...just skipping rice coz I've over-eaten. Bored actually. Hihi...I still eat others!

    Yup, yogurt n fruits always in my stock! ;) Tks ya..

  21. Hai, you are back with a motion to boycott rice. We all sld do that once in a while to detox our body and mind. Btw Love, can you advice me on how to get a good "fried chicken". I seldom cook due to my workload, so my skill is not that good. I always get a partially cooked 'fried chicken' and had to grill to get the inside cooked. Hope you can share your secret to a perfectly done "fried chicken". Tq

  22. Ms Pushpa Soh ~~> Hi Sis,..hehe torture la boycotting rice! See how long I can tahan, wakaka...but I really wanna prove to myself that rice is not everything! hihihi :)

    Well, these are the tips resulting from lots of try n error frying chicken, from my own experience! hihi...to get a proper cooked Fried Chicken..

    1. Once the chicken is cleaned, make sure to drain excessive water...pat the chicken with paper towel. The chicken MUST be absolutely dry.
    2. Add marinating ingredients 1 by 1 whilst mixing. Cover with lid and leave it to marinate as per the suggested time in the recipe.
    3. B4 starting to fry...make sure the oil in wok is hot but not smoky! (the oil should be enough to cover the chicken pcs). Place chicken pcs gently in the hot oil, do not throw.
    4. Now, U can slightly lower the flame, but not too low. The oil must be boiling still.
    5. Do not stir/turn the chicken b4 it's properly cooked underside. If not, the spices may fall off the chicken.
    6. Once the underside of chicken is cooked, turn to the otherside gently. (Skip this step if using a deep-fryer).
    7. Place Fried Chicken on rack or papertissue to drain excessive oil.

    That's it...Phew lots of tips na! But I follow all these steps accordingly to get a perfect Fried Chicken ;)..Hope this helps.

  23. Thank You very much. Really appreciate your tips and advice. Will follow the next time I try to fry Chicken. Maybe this CNY I will try your famous Ayam Goreng Berempah. Gong Xi Fatt Choy

  24. Ms Pushpa Soh ~~> Hi Sis, it's my pleasure! Wow, U gonna try the Ayam Goreng Berempah Serai ha? Lemme know!!! Happy Chinese New Year to U and Family! ;)


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