♥...Tomato Egg Omelette...♥

Phew, 2nd day down...No-To-Rice (NTR) Mission is still on! penatsengihnampakgigi

But I'm still craving for others! OMG!!!

Anyways, our dinner last night...we had Tomato Egg Omelette with toasted bread and chilli sauce! Simple na...

Yummyyyyyy lapar

Initially, I wanted to name the dish as Tomato Omelette...but do U all know that Tomato Omelette is a breakfast dish in South India, and it contains NO EGG??? Wanna know more? Please google for it!

Okey, let's get to the topic now...Tomato Egg Omelette...
Recipe courtesy :~ MY HUBBY!

Hubby made it for us during his last break...I just can't resist..but insisted for more! hahaha...and he was so sweet to make me a second helping! Missed U chello!

Alright, without much blabber...lemme share the recipe here...(some may already know how to do this, I guess...some may not)

Ingredients :~
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 tbsp low fat milk
  • 2 tbsp full chopped tomato ( U may add more)
  • 1 tbsp chopped green chillis
  • 1.5 tbsp chopped onion
  • salt to taste
Cooking Method :~
  1. Whisk egg together with all the ingredients above.
  2. Heat some oil in a pan.
  3. Pour half of the mixture, covering the pan evenly. Let it cook, but make sure the underside of the eggs is not browning too much.
  4. Turn/flip the omelette upside down. Let it cook again.
  5. Now, fold the omelette in half and fold once more. Done!
  6. Repeat steps to cook the rest of the mixture.
* This omelette is thin layered. Therefore, do not pour all the mixture at one go...it would be difficult to fold then. (My hubby made it really thin...mine is abit thicker though!) sengihnampakgigi
* U may also add some chopped parsley into the mixture.


  1. simple and a yummy breakfast...loved ur presentation and pics...and ur kids are very cute too...

  2. another delicious version of omellete!!!

  3. Sushma ~~> Hi Sushma, welcome to my page! Thank U very much on ur lovely compliments! Wish to see U often...Stay in touch ya! ;)

  4. Kak Ain ~~> Hi kak...yes indeed! hihihi :)

  5. hai love..tq..sudi dengar pasal blog akak kat fuhyoofm...my hb also suker omelette..

  6. haiii Love....
    Wahhhhh...I tengok u punya omellete terus rasa lapo....

  7. Congrats for no to rice...omellete looks great with toast...be happy and stay healthy .....

  8. simple but really yummy.. no rice?huhu

  9. Omelett akak sukaaaa...almost everyday bfast ommelett tak jemu2...

  10. Kak Ina ~~> Hi Kak...hehe akak dah glamer kan! It's my pleasure! ;)

  11. Sue ~~> Aisey Sue, come come join Love! ;)

  12. KakCM ~~> Hehe, dunno how long will tahan without rice kak! ;)

  13. KakJC ~~> Same with me...minat ngan omelette. But now I'm addicted to this Tomato Egg Omelette! :)

  14. Delicious omelette, looks fantastic...

  15. No-To-Rice? wow! new diet program? :D

  16. Ijan ~~> Hihihi...just launched this programme, Ijan! Actually to me, just NTR...but I still sebat all others! hahaha ;) Mana nak diet nih! :D


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