♥...Sardine Stuffed Tofu...♥

Hi Everyone...! babai Hahaha...and this was my tea~break cum dinner tonight! kenyit

After much temptation looking at Steamed Tofu at KakUmmi's home...I too wanted to eat tofu today! hihi...

So, I just made out a recipe with the ingredients I had in stock... Here U go!

Sardine Stuffed Tofu by love2cook

Ingredients :~
  • 3 blocks of firm tofu ( I had only traditional tofu in stock, so just used that...abit soft though)
  • 1 small can (230gm) sardine ~ keep 3 tbsp of the sauce as well. ( may also sub with mackerel)
  • 2 garlic cloves ~ finely chopped
  • 1 medium sized onion ~ finely chopped
  • 3 bird's eye chilli ~ finely chopped (may sub with green chillis)
  • some corriander leaves ~ chopped
  • salt to taste
  • 1 calamansi/ lime ( limau kasturi) ~ juice extracted
  • cooking oil
Cooking Method :~
  1. Heat oil in pan and fry the tofus till golden brown (sprinkle some salt on the tofu whilst frying). Drain excessive oil, set aside.
  2. Now, reduce the oil in pan to minimum. Saute garlic, onion and bird's eye chilli till fragrant.
  3. Add sardine together with 3 tbsp of the sauce, stir and mash till the mixture turns little dry.
  4. Add salt and corriander leaves, stir again and pour the extracted calamansi juice.
  5. Mix well, turn off flame.
  6. Take 1 block of tofu. Cut it into equal triangle. Make a slit in between the tofu. (Make sure U don't cut through!)
  7. Take a spoonful or more of the sardine mixture and fill inside the slit. Repeat the same to all tofus.
  8. Your Sardine Stuffed Tofu is ready!
*** For greater taste, U may also add some sliced cucumbers. For that, U have to stuff the tofu with cucumber first followed by the sardine filling. senyumkenyit

Haaah,...I didn't eat all that myself! sengihnampakgigi Rishie and Ashika accompanied me as well!
Kept some filling in the fridge, to eat with bread tomorrow.


  1. Truly delicious, yet to learn so many dishes with tofus...thanks for sharing these tempting sardine stuffed tofu..eyecatching dish..

  2. hi Love...lately akak bz sket. Tak dpt singgah ke semua blog. Anyway, that tofu looks yummy!...give me some!...hehe

    Exchange dgn steamed tofu akak pun ok.... ;) hehe...

  3. Hi kak love,
    wah, nice recipy. lenkali bole try nih.
    yg ni guna tofu yang lembik tu kan? pandai kak love goreng, nampak rangup gitu.

  4. Priya ~~> Hi Priya, tks for the compliments. I'm a Tofu lover! hehe...

  5. KakDayang ~~> Hi Kak, Owh akak buat steamed tofu lagi erk! I want i want! hehehe ;) exchange, okey! :D

  6. wow what a beautiful click,sounds really interesting and looks absolutely delicious....

  7. Nurindah ~~> Hi Nur...yeah Love guna tofu tradisional, too soft but still tasty. Itu je yang ada dlm stok. Better use yang firm tuh...abit harder. Tks for the compliments ya, fry like normal oni...hehe :)

  8. Sushma Mallya ~~> Hi Sushma, hehe tks ya! Those who like sardine and tofu will enjoy this too, I guess. :)

  9. hai love!!still no rice tonite?uwaa uwaa lapar!lapar!

  10. KakCM ~~> No rice kak...hehe! But my son had it...:)

  11. Hi Love!!!
    How r you guys doing? we are just fine here. sorry dua tiga minggu ni sibuk sikit dengan kelas. tak sempat nk jenjalan or sometimes didnt hv much time to update blogresipi.hehehe...

    Ur tofu looks really yummy. makan ngan sardin is something new for me :D

  12. Ijan ~~> Hi Ijan, yeah was wondering where have U been! It's okey, studies first! kekeke ;)

    Tks ya, I do enjoy tofu with sardine/mackerel fillings! The calamansi lime juice gives it a superb touch! :)

  13. yum...looks absolutely yummy n excellent presentation, dear!

  14. that looks like a good guilty pleasure food. it makes me drool.

    btw, since you asked before, I'm from the U.S.

  15. yummyyyy!!! sedap tu love!! I like it!!!

  16. T ~~> Hehe, it made me drool too! :D
    OIC, nice to meet U here!

  17. Very creative. Never crossed my mind. Thanks

  18. hI lOVE..OO SKRG TENGAH DIET NTR YER..me too..saya harap boleh diteruskan hingga sampai target..

  19. Ms Pushpa Soh ~~> Hi Sis...hehe, tks ya sis! :)

  20. CikguNor ~~> Hi Cikgu...hehehe wish us all the best! :D

  21. Love, creative nya you.... never eaten sardine with tofu, must be nice combination eh... kalau tak abis, pas ke miri...hehe

  22. Wow...great idea and looks great, Love....

  23. KakRoz ~~> Hi Kak...tks kak! Just came up with this idea when I felt really hungry and had no idea of what to eat. The sardine rescued me! hehehe ;)

    Owh, the combination made well! The juicy tofu and the sardine with limau kasturi...perhhhh! :D

  24. Treat n Trick ~~> Hi sis, tenkiu very much! :)

  25. Hai Love...
    U ni buat apa² pun nampak yummy....

  26. Dear Love2Cook,

    it was nice reading your recipes, I'm all hungry now, after seeing your recipes, all mouthwatering dishes , you have got a wonderful collection here!!! thank you for stopping by mine & for taking your time to leave a comment!!!! I enjoyed discovering yours as well!!
    this stuffed tofu looks gorgeous with that hot sardine filling, it must have tasted great!! nice recipe!!!

  27. Sue ~~> Hehehe, Sue...tks...tks alottttt! ;)

  28. Akal's ~~> Haloooo! Welcome to my cyberhome ya! Wish U had a pleasant stay here! Thank U very much for the lovely compliments. This tofu goes very well with the sardine filling! Sure U'll like it too...:)


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