♥...Sweet Lassi...♥

I'm extremely tired...:sweaty:

Hehehe...that's how my condition is right now!

How r U all today??? Sorry, no foodies pic from me last 2 days! I wasn't cooking anything special though...ihikhik

I'm actually lil busy with our MegaProject! Since my Hubby is not around, I gotto take care of it! Owh chello...wish U were here! sengihnampakgigi

It's a hot day na? I just feel like going to bed right now...but it's just 6pm! malu

Okey, nothing much to blabber...here's the SWEET LASSI...to quench my thirst! oooo yumm! kenyit
I think Sweet Lassi is the easiest Lassi to prepare...hehehe to me la!

U just need :~
  • 200ml plain yogurt
  • 100ml water
  • 5 tbsp of sugar ( add/less)
  • ice cubes
  • any fruit juice (optional) ~ I added 50ml orange juice.
  1. Blend smooth all ingredients. (u may add the fruit juice later b4 serving).
Simple uh...okey, join me! senyumkenyit


  1. Am ready to join u for having this fantabulous lassi, refreshing!!

  2. Beautiful glass of lassi,love to have it chilled

  3. Love... does your hubby read your blog? If he does, he has my sympathy. He must be drooling over all these food spread and not forgetting all the cooling drinks... If I were your hubby, I won't torture myself my opening your blog! Hahaha...

    Your Lassi looks simple to prepare and I bet it's lovely to drink!

  4. Beautiful and cool lassi!!!!wish I can say those words what you are saying..waiting for good summer..

  5. c'est frais, plein de vitamines et surtout savoureux, parfait
    bonne journée

  6. Love...

    Panas2 ni minum lassi..sedap..
    nanti nak try la ;)


  7. so refreshing,slurp.....nice click

  8. See, i am not picky when it comes to food. Anything goes. But Lassi will have to be my favorite of all time..seasonless actually.. Why do you think I call myself Lassie? This is why.. Love Love Love Lassi!

  9. My all time fav...Wish I could grab that glass from screen :D

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  11. Mamafami ~~> Hehe, yes kak! My Hubby reads my blog! But he's not a fan of yogurt! So Lassi is a BIG no no for him.

    But he loves Raita. ;) Missed him!

  12. Jag ~~> Jag, don't forget to invite me for summer! ;)

  13. KakAin ~~> Cukupker kak...come I give U 2 glasses! :D

  14. Kak Yat Maria ~~> Hi Kak, mmg bes kak minum Sweet Lassi ni time panas! Uish, semalam Love duk minum je..kena continue hari nih gak! :)

    Nanti dah try, lemme know ya!

  15. Cool Lassi(e) ~~> Owh I see, so U love lassi uh! Then, this lassi is specially for U too ;)

  16. Vincent ~~> Hi Vincent, Thank you so much for the invite! I'm glad to add my blog to Petitchef! Here I come...:)

  17. Great drink for the hot water, Love..Mega project...eager to know?

  18. Refreshing and delicious drink...

  19. hai love...tak pernah lagi minum lassi buatan sendiri..nanti boleh lah buat..

    mcm nak cuber ajer chicken vuruval tu..

  20. hi love....

    have a nice weekend...


  21. Treat ~~> True kak! The weather yesterday was tooooo hot! Hehehe, sure U all will know that soon! ;)

  22. KakIna ~~> Hi Kak...love mmg dah biasa buat lassi sendiri. Akak cuba ye! Sure, boleh try chicken varuval tuh! :)

  23. Thats really wonderful thirst quencher..looks so good and feel like having that glass.

  24. wow that glass is very tempting...i can surely join u [:-)]

  25. Siddhi ~~> Sure, U r most welcome Sid! ;)


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