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Hello everyone...How r U all doing today??? babai

Here, I present...the premier show of love2cook's Chicken Steak!!!tepuktangan sengihnampakgigi
Our dinner tonight! hahaha....

Recipe courtesy: MY HUBBY! He used to make this dish for us quite some ago... kenyit

Errr...am I missing him too much until I keep doing his recipes lately??? love
Of course I do miss him! He's finally on vessel now! Got a call from him already!...

Alright, let's see what U need..to prepare this simple Chicken Steak...


(A) Marinating
  • 3 pcs chicken breast ~ cleaned and pat dry
  • 1 egg
  • 1.5 tbsp Worcestershire Steak sauce
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tsp grounded blackpepper
  • 1 tbsp cornflour
  • dash of salt
  1. Combine egg, all sauces, blackpepper, cornflour and salt. Mix well. Put in chicken pieces, coat well and leave it to marinate for 20mins.
(B) Frying
  • Margerine
  • rice flour
  1. Heat 4 tbsp of margerine in a non-stick pan. Take a piece of marinated chicken, coat in rice flour and fry in till cooked. Repeat the same for all the pieces. (cook in medium flame)
  2. Once the underside has cooked, turn the chicken and let it cook again.
  3. Set aside.

Sauce :~
  • 1 tsp wheat flour
  • 1 cube chicken stock
  • 350ml water
  • 1/2 tbsp Worcestershire Steak sauce
  • 1 tsbp oyster sauce
  • 1 tsp grounded blackpepper
  • 2 shallots ~ sliced
  • 5 button mushrooms ~ sliced (preferably the canned one)
  1. Add chicken stock cube in boiling water...let it dissolve. Set aside.
  2. Heat pan. Add wheat flour and fry till golden brown. (Do not use oil).
  3. Pour the chicken stock broth into the pan, add all sauces and blackpepper. Stir well until the mixture boils.
  4. Add sliced onions and mushrooms. Mix together and turn off flame.
  5. Pour the sauce on chicken steak before serving.
Side accompaniments...Coleslaw and Salads...

  • Cabbage ~ shredded
  • Carrot ~ shredded
  • Coleslaw dressing
  1. Mix cabbage and carrot with coleslaw dressing. Serve chilled.

It's simple right? Try it! senyum



  1. Wow thats a delicious platter with perfect cooked chicken and the sauce over it...looks amazing...so simple yet so tempting...loved it,will surely try this one...ur clicks are always beautiful...

  2. Love, jom tukar ngn tofu akak tu...looks yummy ler...nak pengsan akak tengok....huhu... :D

  3. yummmmmmm..akak memang suka chicken..so menu ni just perfect

  4. Aduhai tak tahan betul tengok chicken steak tu... so delicious la. bila la nak dapat stok ayam ni.hehe

  5. Wowww omg..am drooling here rite now...so tempting.....mouthwatering here..

  6. woww...sedapnya love!!!! resipi pun so simple. should try one day!!!!

  7. Hai Love...
    Chic steak...buat i termimpi²....

    Love, I kerja kt Tmn Sentosa..I rasa shoe shop Opera dah lama kat situ, may be u not notice pasal tempat dia pun sorok² kan...
    Yaaaa...I selalu pegi p.opis BBT selalu empty tapi kali ini saja pack..maybe CNY..so org kejar² nak settlekan bil²...
    Ohhhh...bln ni last I tolong my Hb settlekan utility bill...next month I sdh tukar kerja ke PJS....Sedeyyy loooo...sudah jauh dari rumah n lunch hour tak boleh nak cuci² mata kat BBt lagi...

  8. Sushma ~~> Hi Sushma...hehe tks ya! Yup, this is a very easy to prepare dish. Hope it'll meet ur taste too! ;)

  9. KakDayang ~~> Owh no, wake up kak! hihi..Sureeeee...nak tofu sambal akak tuh!!! :)

  10. Kak JC ~~> Same like me la kak...Chicken is a must! hehehe ;)

  11. Ijan ~~> Hi Ijan, aisey blm ada stok ayam kat sana lagi ker??? Nnt dah buat...hantar kat Love erk! :D

  12. Priya ~~> Hi Priya..hehe tks for ur lovely comments ya! :)

  13. Kak Ain ~~> Yes kak, it's a very easy recipe! Make sure U send me some ya! ;)

  14. Sue ~~> Hehee, Sue tgh mimpi ke nih??? :D

    Uh, jauh tuh kena gi PJS erk! Susah lak nak jln2 kat Jusco then! ;)

  15. wow...mabeles! set yg lengkap.... caya la love! kfae kena try jugak nih! tp sebelum tu boleh try kat cni tak? hehehe.. nak satu set!!!

  16. ni yang tak tahan nak mkn ni......luk sooooooooo yummyy...i aso wan!!!

  17. Minta sikit chicken steak tu Love, cukup dgn coleslaw dan sos...delicious!!

  18. that sounds absolutely appetizing and richly accompanied with the vegetables, a perfect dinner!!!

  19. interesting n inviting..looks so deliciously tempting!

  20. Kak Fa'e ~~> Owh, akak nak test dulu erk...okok come..here U are a set of chicken steak! Sedap tak kak??? hihihi :) nnt try ye kak!

  21. Anits ~~> Hehe, U don't need to diet sis...come here! ;)

  22. Treat n Trick ~~> Hehe, sikit cukup ke kak??? come come! ;)

  23. Akal's ~~> Hi!!! tks alot for the compliments ya! ;)

  24. Priya ~~> Wish U like it too...hehehe :D

  25. KakCM ~~> Owh, come here kak! Love serve U! ;)

  26. hi,

    the chicken steak is in the pan and i'm in the middle of making its sauce. i realised that you wrote wheat flour in the ingredients and cornflour in the instructions. just wondering which type of flour you use. thanks.

  27. Anon ~~> Hi Anon, am so sorry for just noticing ur comment! Thousands of apologies...

    That was a typo-error. It should be wheat flour.


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