Smart Reader Kids BBT ~ Annual Concert & Graduation Ceremony 2009!

Hi Everyone...! babai

Well, like I've said before...Rishie's kindergarten Smart Reader Kids, Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang organised their Annual Concert & Graduation Ceremony for the year 2009 at Crystal Crown Hotel, Port Klang on Sunday, 13th December'09...

Their theme for this year
~ Wonders of the World! Do U know the latest Wonders of the World ??? hehex...sengihnampakgigi

Rishie will be graduating next year only ya!

This year, he together with his SM5 classmates were given the Great Wall of China they performed a dance for a Chinese song...
kenyit He was just too cute in that Samfu!

Well, check-out some pics taken b4 the concert!
So sorry I'm unable to post his dance vdo coz I shoot the whole song! The size is just too big! Malas sangat nak edit pun! kekekeke...See what I can do...soal

I couldn't snap many pics too...thanks to my dear princess...hihihi...

Worait, enjoy the pics ya! How's Rishie looking like??? hehex...

Gimme a pose...hehex!
Ashika is ready too...
My beloved Prince and Princess...
Lovely Teachers on duty!
The Ballroom...not many people right now! As usual, all follow Malaysian Time! hihi..
Rishie with his classmate Siti...sweet na?
Rishie and his fren Lyana were called up to the stage to assist during the graduation for 6 year old kids!
Up there still! hehex! sengihnampakgigi


  1. amboiii...hensemnya Rishieee!!!!

  2. Hi Love,

    Thanks for dropping by my kitchen.

    Wow ! Comel-comel anak-anak you !!

    Rishie tu dah ada girl tak ? kalau tak de, katakan kat dia makcik Tie nak kawan boleh??

  3. Hi Love...
    I x tahan la tgk Rishie's smile...sooo sweeet!
    Ikut sape tu mommy or daddy?

  4. Wah encemm nye anak teruna Love nie.. pakai ape pun handsome. ape tu org panggil? cheong sam jugak ke? heheh... nape Ashika tak pakai cheong sam jugak? mesti cute! ;)

  5. wow Rishie...u luk soooo handsome...macam hindi actor pulak

  6. hai LOVE ..

    very the cute rishi and ashika .. really! ..

    nice place .. gempak tul graduation day dia erkk .. at the hotel .. really nice

  7. Kak Ain ~~> Hehex...that's my son...hikhik!! ;)

  8. Kak Tie ~~> Welcome to my page too kak! Owh, tks for the compliments! Rishie got lots of galfrens...kekeke :)) Kak Tie still can fren him...hehex!

  9. Kak E-na ~~> Rishie mesti shy2 nih! Owh, he follows Papa dia! :))

  10. Ijan ~~> Hehex tks for the compliments Ijan! Owh, that's called Samfu! Cheongsam tuh gals pakai punye! Ashika takde cheongsam nak dipakaikan...hehex!!! :))

  11. Anits ~~> Now Mummy shy2 already here! hehex...tks for the compliments ya! :))

  12. Kak Ieda ~~> Hehex...tks for the compliments kak! Yeah, their school concert selalu kat hotel jer! Dpt gak makan2! :))


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