Our Lunch and Dinner for Today...

Hehex...just 1 single post for both meals today! Malas sangat la Love today! Seriously...nothing is going on! hihihi...

Actually I was running out of onions! So, lunch tak masak...gi tapau kat Mc'D drive-in jer!

Checked for onions kat sundry shop near my hse...tapi takde stock langsung...the worker said the stock will arrive in the evening jer...

So, I went again in the evening to get 'em! Errghh...only God knows how lazy I was to drive!

For Dinner pulak...I masak Mee Hoon and fried 2 eggs! That's it...no more energy to do anything else...kihkihkih..(
lame excuse jer tuh)..

Worait, layan our Lunch and Dinner pics for today...

See U all again, have a great weekend ahead!

Our Lunch...
Ayam Goreng Spicy (I like them more than KFC nowadays...much crispier, spicy!)

Spicy McDeluxe Chicken Burger...(my favourite tooooo)

Twister Fries...(can only get it during Prosperity season...
I'm waiting for the Chicken Prosperity Burger to come out!

Our Dinner....
Simple Fried Mee Hoon with fried egg and anchovies...

That Sengkuang Cina drink is my favourite...klu gi Sundry shop, mesti sll beli! kekeke!... But I prefer Yeo's! dah abis plak...


  1. Mac D...akak rasa the bestkan....kalu fries dia hishhhh tgh diet pun terus cancel hihihhi...yum yum

  2. spicy mcdeluxe pun my fav jugak! kalau beli McD, beli tu je..burger lain tak mkn ;)

  3. Alahai McD alahai alahai alahaiii.... hehehe.. lama tak makan ni Love. Tgk gambar tuh makes me so hungry la. Dulu not used to buy fried chicken kat McD, sebab the chicken usually too small for me.kihkihkih... tp this one looks great.maybe need to try it next year :)
    psst, meehoon tu pun looks really tasty la... nakk!!!! have a great weekend too ya!

  4. Hi kak Love,
    Much crispier? Tak penah beli ayam MCd. Nak try la nanti...! Burger saya suka double cheese burger. hihi.
    Bihun tu, nampak yummy! :)

  5. Hi love...know wat?that sengkuang cina drink is my fav too...like it so much!bleh geng nih..ehee..
    i thought twister fries tu onion ring mula2 td..hehee...

    ashikaaaa...where r u girl?come out,come out...wherever u areeee...aunty nak cubit niii...heheee

  6. Kak JC ~~> Yes kak...Love pun cancel diet yest! kihkih! ;)

  7. Nadiah ~~> Yeahhh...same taste like Love ya! Love pun tak suka other burgers kat McD or Kepci! ;)

  8. Ijan ~~> Hi Ijan...hehex...missing McD kah???
    Yeah, dulu Love giler Kepci...but then the chicken quality dropped tremendously! So, shifted to McD Ayam Goreng Spicy...till now sticking to it! kekeke!

    MeeHoon very simple oni Ijan...kihkih, malas punya pasal!

    U too have a great weekend! :)

  9. Nur ~~> Hi Nur...owh belum pernah try erk??? If U can take spicy...then u may give it a try! Mmg sedap U! ;)

    Meehoon tuh simply done jer...keke..

  10. Hasue ~~> Yeah, click!!! Kita geng sengkuang cina la erk! ;) Love suka betul, especially time panas2 nih! klu minum sejuk2..uishhh! :D

    Owh, ashika hiding behind Mummy's back...running away from Aunty Sue...hikhik! ;)


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