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Cekodok Pisang & Sirap Bandung Selasih...

Hi Everyone!!!

Well...right now, Love is still in lazy made some Cekodok Pisang and Sirap Bandung Selasih for dinner tonight! (but, we've been having this since 6pm...hahaha) sengihnampakgigi

For Cekodok Pisang (Banana Fritters)...Love mixed bananas with sugar, lil salt, fresh milk and wheat flour...senyumkenyit

Worait, nothing much to say now...layanz the pics ya! kenyit

Who wanna join us??? No shy shy ya! hihihi peace

Mmm yummy...

Sirap Bandung with biji Selasih...slurpppp!

Haaaa...Love shape is still available!gelakguling


  1. Cekodok bentuk Love pun ade gak. Canggih canggih. hehehe... we also had sirap selasih yesterday but without milk... hehehe

  2. Ijan ~~> Hehehe, Ijan...dunno how it turned out like that! Owh I see...same same yeah! Click..:)

  3. love..banana ball ada lg tak? kak ham nak makan tp malu...shy meow meow....:)

  4. love, akak nak sirap bandung!!! cekodok pisang akak baru buat ni!!!

  5. ptg ni nadiah pun nk buat cekodok pisang - my favourite. yummy!

  6. Kak Ham ~~> Hehehe, cekodok pisang ada lagi dlm esbok! aiks...nape shy2 kak??? ;)

  7. Kak Ain ~~> Kak Ain, here's sirap bandung selasih for U! Nak sikit ur cekodok! hehehe :)

  8. Nadiah ~~> Owh, buat nanti jgn lupa hantar kat Love tau! Love pun suka cekodok! ;)

  9. Wahhhh...Lamanya tak makan cekodok pisang...Bawa pinggan ngendeng kat rumah Love..

  10. hi Love....air tu luk so delicious....ok i would to wish u n ur family happy new year...! may this new year wil bring more luck n happines n peace...tcare

  11. Hi.... dah boleh pulak nampak word verification tu.. ada problem dengan browser laa...

    Nanti buat goreng pisang pulak, ya..

  12. Hi LOve...TQ for always stopping by...and sorry...with my LAZY mood....anyway..hope The Coming Year ...2010 will be a better and full of Blessing for all of Us....Happy New Year!!! Wish I was on time for the love shaped cokodok...hehehe!! Susah nak jumpa tu!!

  13. Sue ~~> Hehe Sue...cekodok dah abis...kena buat lagik nampaknya...hihi :)

  14. Anits ~~> Hi Anits...tks ya! Wish U the same too...Happy New Year 2010!!! See U next year! :)

  15. Kak Tie ~~> Owh okey, so prob solved! :)

    Actually ingat nak buat pisang goreng tadi...tapi malas tul la kak! hehe ;)

  16. Kak Watie ~~> Hi's my pleasure! Hehe..U provoked me to do those cekodoks! Always drool looking at urs...but memang tak secantik urs lor!

    Hahaha, tak tau camne jadik Love shape tuh! huhu!

    Happy New Year 2010 to U too kak! May lots of success be upon U! ;) See U next year!!!


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