Ashika and Her Choc Bun...vdo!

Hi sorry for no updates from Love for past 2 days already...actually I've been very very busy lately...running in and out for our Mega Project!

Aiks, Mega Project??? Yeahhhh.. MP!!! I'll keep it a suspense for now..hehex! Will let U all know when the correct time comes...okey! For now, it's a secret between me and my dear hubby! Would be nice if he's around to take care of it! hahahaha! rindu

Well, Love didn't cook for lunch yesterday...just cooked some MeeHoon, Sausages and Hashbrowns for dinner. So sorry I had no time to take any photo...was terribly hungry by the time I finished cooking...oooh! Ngap jer terus!

Today, Love still ran around for our MP...and to Tesco as well, to stock up my fridge and shelves...hehex!

I've not taken my lunch as yet! sedih

Right now, I'm having some Yeo's Soya Bean...feels so good! sengihnampakgigi

Worait, since I have no foodie pics to post here right now...why don't U all enjoy watching my daughter Ashika having some choc bun!

Please bear with her hairdo...coz she's just after a long sleep! kekeke

Uhhhh...What a Mess! sengihnampakgigi


  1. Wahhhh....Nyum nyum nyummm..

    Kasi aunty Sue sikeetttt...

  2. comelnya ashika!! nak sikit choc bun!!!

  3. ashikaaaa... aunty nk choc bun yg ashika punyer!! auntynyer mama ashika dh abiskan! kekekeke

  4. Hello Love...uiihhh Ashika makan choc bun x kasi auntie pun mst sedap ni smpai comot2 camtu..hehee...Love, she's so cute laaaa....muaaahhh!!

  5. I'm wondering what is ur mega project tue? hmmm... bile nak reveal? hehehe..
    comel nye Ashika makan choc bun. Berselera sungguh habis jari masuk mulut :D

  6. Sue ~~> Hehex...she didn't gimme also! :)

  7. Kak Ain ~~> Hehehe kak. She doesn't give to anyone her bun..Love pun tak diberi...keke ;)

  8. Kak Hana ~~> Hehe...akak punya bun homemade lagik sedap...tu pasal Mummy dah abiskan! hehex ;)

  9. Kak Ummi ~~> Hehe..mmg dah comot while eating those buns. She dun care...asalkan dpt makan bun tuh. hehe..

  10. Ijan ~~> Hehex...Ijan! The secret will be revealed in some time! ..tunggu ya! ;)
    Suka je Ashika makan bun tuh...she likes it alot! Not wasting any piece! ;)

  11. What a good girl, she sat down nicely & ate it all! Nak sibuk2 lak, mega projek apa ni Love...?

  12. Hi Love, Ashika looking so adorable...Btw belated birthday wishes to Ashika n Rishie. I've been following ur blog but unfortunately never had the time to comment or update mine as well. It's ok I'm back on track now..:)
    ***I think i can guess ur Mega project!! Let's see if it's right later....

    Mommy Ash-Levin


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