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Rishie got a Birthday Greeting from Finland!!!...

Hehehe...klu dah sebut Finland, semua dah tahu sapa hantar kan??? kenyit

Yeah, the Birthday card is from Uncle Faiz, Aunty Ijan n BB Mikael!!! menari

Ijan, Rishie conveyed his thank you to U 3 there!!! He was so happy when I showed him the card! sengihnampakgigi

Thanks again to Ijan, Faiz n BB Mikael for the effort! Ur thoughts are really really really appreciated! senyumkenyit


  1. Hi kak Love,
    Sonok Rishie tu...!
    Kak Love, saya ada ternampak sorang boy kat Econsave Banting. Sebjiik rupa cam Rishie. hihi. Saya ingat matanya yg lentik tu jer. kiki.
    Tapi, tengok badannya lebih kecik, rupanya bukan.

  2. Richie...

    Wahhh...Syok nya Richie dapat Birthday card dari Finland...

    Tanya lah aunty Ijan..
    "Card saje ke.?Hadiahnya mana?"
    He he he he Aunty Nenie pula yang lebih2 interprem kat sini yaa..?

  3. waaaa bestnyer dpt kad dr jauhhh!

  4. besnyer dpt cards from finland...tahniah rishie...

  5. Nurindah ~~> Hi Nur...hehex, Mmg seronok Rishie dpt card tuh! Aiks, tak pernah gi Econsave Banting. :))

  6. Sue ~~> Hehex...Rishie dah jadi Richie erk???

    Oh no, card tuh pun dah mencukupi...the thought is important, not what people give kan. Hahaha! :))

  7. Kak Hana ~~> Ye kak..Mummy pun tumpang seronok! So far dah dpt 3 cards from Ijan, Finland! :))

  8. Dah sampai ye tapi lewat sikit kan. hehehe. hopefully rishie likes it. :)

  9. Ijan ~~> Owh yes Ijan...dah dpt card tuh! Tenkiu sooooo much for the effort! :)


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