Hailam Bread for Breakfast....

Good morning everyone!!! How r U ladies doing out there??? peace

Anyways, jangan terkejut tengok title post nih tau...Hailam Bread tuh bukan Love yang buat...kihkihkih! Beli yang readymade kat Tesco hari tuh! sengihnampakgigi

Tapi nak makan with butter aje, doesn't suit my taste plak! coz the bread is quite thick...

So, this morning I transformed them into Toasted Margerine & Sugar Bread and Egg French Toasts!

Love nih memang tak suka ambik brekpas...unless hubby around, keluar jer! Owh, I missed him...sedih

Just to finish the Hailam bread...Love made breakfast today! Though very simple...the bread definitely taste better klu buat camni...

The breakfast is ready, Love pun tgh makan nih...but Rishie still sleeping! Yalah, pity him.. last nite suddenly power cut pulak! Back around 4am or so...Ish! So, let him sleep and get up when he wants...kenyit

Anyways, layanzzz my simple dimple breakfast this morning...!

What's for drink??? As usual I had my Yeo's Soya! sengihnampakgigi

Toasted Margerine & Sugar Hailam Bread...
Rishie will love this!


What's the chilli sauce for???

Owh, that's the dipping for my Egg French Toast...ahakzzzz!
(Love klu makan French Toast, mesti cicah sos cili...aiks pelik?)

I loved it!

Have a great looooong weekend everyone!!! menari


  1. akak pun x suka amik bfast gak xcept bila hubby around je.tu pun we bfast outside je. I miss him too!!huhuhu

  2. Don'tell me you finish them all by yourself.... ya lah hubby not around, the kids belum get up...so siapa yg makan tu...?kikiki....

  3. waaa.... oishisou....yg di transformed tu yg lg mengancam....auwww!

  4. haiman bread?wah nk try mkn boleh?teman love mkn sme2 yer :)

  5. love,lain kali sebelum bf calling le akak ye.

  6. Hi kak Love,
    Tak penah rasa Hailam Bread.
    Nampak rangup tuh. Saya pun suka egg french toast cecah sos cili. :)

  7. Bestnye french toast tue... never tried lak hailam bread before...but looks sooo yummy. it's only 9am here and i'm sooooo extremely hungry looking at ur french toast..ohohohoh... :)

    Psst, change new langsir again ya :D

  8. Wah hailam bread buat egg toast bread & makan dengan kaya. Bessttt....

  9. Kak Ain ~~> Owh really? Same like Love then!!! Owh, we r in the same boat kan kak? But atleast my hubby returns every month. :)

  10. Kak Roz ~~> Hehex...no la kak! I didn't eat all of 'em! Love makan french toast about 3 pcs jer! Then I kept everything in a tupperware. My son makan pulak. Had some leftovers too...took it to my sister's hse! :)

  11. Kak Fa'e ~~> Hi Kak...yeah, good transformation kan! B4 that, takleh turun pun! ahakz! :)

  12. Emi ~~> Hehex...yeah Hailam bread beli kat bakery Tesco. Aisey karang dah abis la Emi those brekpas! ;)

  13. Kak Maria ~~> Ni pun once in a blue moon jer buat brekpas kak! But surely will call U if I do next time...hehex! :)

  14. Nurindah ~~> Love pun baru try Hailam bread nih Nur. Dah lama tgk kat bakery Tesco. But tastes better klu buat french toast or toasted bread with margerine n sugar. Yeay! Like me la!!! Suka cicah ngan chilli sauce! :)

  15. Ijan ~~> Aisey, boleh jemput makan klu Ijan kat cni kan! hehex...Love pun peminat french toast! Hailam bread tuh mmg sedap klu buat camnih. ;)

  16. Ijan ~~> Ooops...terlupa plak! Yeah, tukar langsir...hehex! nice ah???

  17. Kak Azian ~~> Sedap kan roti hailam ni kak? Tapi Love tak suka kaya! hehex! ;)

  18. That day, mama nak buat that roti telur for the kids' breakfast, but they refused! Sabar je la budak-budak ni... psst, actually, mama yang nak makan sebenarnya sebab dah lama tak buat...hehehe... I like that toasted margarine and sugar tu... yum yum...

  19. MamaFami ~~> Hehex...sometimes mcm tuh kan. We nak, but kids dowan! hahaha...what to do! Being a good mother, kita pun let go what we want sometimes! ahakz!!!

    Yeah, sedap toasted margerine n sugar kan. My son likes it alot! :)

  20. akak always do for breakfast ..
    nice choice

  21. KakIeda ~~> Hehe...Love buat once in a blue moon jer kak! kekeke ;)


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