Mee Goreng for Dinner...

Simple dinner for tonight! Mee Goreng...kurang pedas..! Nampak mcm kurang pedas ker tuh??? hehex!!! Memang kurang compared to the one Love did last time...check-out HERE sengihnampakgigi

Love kata je nak diet...tapi makan bertambah2 pun sejuk jer coz heavy rain makan panas2, pedas2 camnih mmg sedaaaaaaap! rindu

Kalau Hubby around, mesti dah mintak beli Nasi Lemak dari Pelita Nasi Kandar...uishhhh sambalnya bes!!! lapar

Layaaaaanzzzzz! kenyit


  1. love, your mee look sooooo yummy!! dgn udang yg tergolek2 tu... ermmmm nak!!

  2. Alahai cedappnye mee goreng tuh Love!!! segala macam ball ball ade tuh ha... makes me hungry saje... :)

  3. Love, I know that you are a great cook just by looking at the food. Your mee goreng makes me drool!

  4. Hi kak Love,
    Hi hi. Merah mee tu. pedas la baru kick, kan, kak Love?. Hu, pedas cili kisar, saya tahan lagi.
    But not cili padi! hihi
    Nak cuit bebola tu skit ya. ;)

  5. KakNor ~~> Owh, such compliments from a great cook! Tenkiu KakNorrrr! I'm touched! hehex..:))

  6. Ijan ~~> Hi Ijan, yeah Love mmg minat klu goreng Mee cam nih, other than mamak style! Letak fishballs & fishcakes lebih2...most important pedas! huhuhu :)

  7. KakRoz ~~> Aisey...I'm not a great cook as yet kak! Still learning...hihihi ;)

  8. Nur ~~> Hi Nur..hehex yer ker??? Love mmg suka pedas2...but there's limit too! Nak fishballs??? Ambikkkkk! :))


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