Rishie's Birthday Celebration at Smart Reader Kids Bandar Bukit Tinggi...

Hi Everyone! How r U all today??? Fine fine ha! Gooood!

Well, like I've said before... we celebrated Rishie's Birthday at his kindergarten today! menari

It was a new n joyful experience for Rishie as he cut the cake with the teachers and friends around him! Wow...cool kan!

Rishie was totally unaware about the celebration coz I sent him to school like normal this morning...but he did ask me "No need to wear uniform ah?"....kikiki...

I replied, today is their last day of school for the year, so it's party day for them...therefore no uniforms required...hikhik!

Then around 9:30am, after collecting the specially ordered cake from Secret Recipe...Me, Ashika and Mom went to his school...

Rishie was so happy that he jumped n jumped when he saw me with a cake box! Surprise jadik finally! sengihnampakgigi

He jumped even higher after seeing the cake! Well, that's his hero on the cake~ Ben10!

All the kids (from morning and afternoon sessions) were there for the party...it was quite crowded, but the teachers really took control of the kids...uish memang kerja susah tuh! Respect the Teachers lor!!!

Actually I don't mind the kids la...they are kids, so mestilah bising2...run here, run there.. etc etc kan?

Anyways, Rishie finally cut the cake after a birthday song from his friends...owh so sweet la all of them! Came from various races...they were awesome! I saw One-Malaysia there! kenyit

Overall, Rishie had a blasting Birthday...but dear Papa been always missed...sedih

Check-out the pics...too many I guess! hahahaa....

Birthday Boy ready to school...encem

Now and then...(background pic ~ Rishie 6 mths old)

Ashika is ready tooo!encem

"How long am I suppose to wait...I'm sleepy already"...

Some tidbits taken along...Jellies, chocs, sweets, biscuits and balloons!

Collecting the cake from SR...

The Cake!!! Specially ordered Ben10 cake...encem


Checking out the cake!!!encem

Giving away tidbits to dear friends...

"Mummy, I wanna study tooo"...

Rishie and gang having a look at the cake...semua peminat Ben10 kot!

Cutting cake with dear Teachers and frens...

Rishie and the gang again...

Rishie's class teacher Ms Lee cutting the cake to give away!

A piece of cake for Rishie!

Enjoying the cake...holding a prezzie from Ms Lee...

Ashika enjoying the cake too...

Say cheeeeeeeeeese! Rishie with dear fren Iman...
(oops eyes closed pulak, sowwwy)...encem


  1. Children and Birthday....What a Moment...Glad you started blogging when your children are still small...for these are treasures of memories...which they could read back one day....! I am glad that I started...even it is a bit late...but its better late than never right!

    Sure you are really tired...and needed a good rest and bet Rishie must be smiling in his sleep ha!!

  2. Bestnyer dapat kek besau macam tue. I'm sure Rishie must be very happy... :D :D :D really nice to see many friends of Rishie were there celebrating his birthday! Rishie's papa must be missing him so much looking at this pics :)

  3. meriah nye..love..brapa ek harga kek SR sebesar tu?

  4. love..nak puji seikhlas hati...Rishie tu ..Handsome le Love......:)...kalau besar nanti ala2 pelakon bollywood...i minat sgt salman khan...hihihi

  5. KakWatie ~~> Gud AM KakWatie! Yes kak...I'm happy coz I started blogging and I could treasure all my sweet memories in here for my kids to read later on, also for ourselves!

    Yes, it's better late than never! I agree!!!

    Yeah, I was terribly tired yesterday! Macam I yang potong kek n ran around! kihkih!

    Still got another event awaiting us...Rishie's school concert this Sunday! Phew...after that, will be a long holidays for him till January! :)

  6. Ijan ~~> We ordered the cake bigger, so that every kid and teacher can have it! Rishie was overhappy not to see the size of the cake, but the Ben10 on it!kekeeke..

    Yeah, I've sent all the pics to his Papa first b4 posting them here! ;) He's truly happy coz his son had a good party! :)

  7. Eicah ~~> Hi Eicah, we ordered a bigger cake to cater all kids...so we asked for Choc Indulgence abt 4kgs cake, 2 recipe..total cost RM162.75! :)

  8. KakTinta ~~> Hehehe...tks for ur heartiest compliments kak! I'm so proud too...tks ya!

    Uh, minat Salman erk!!! gud gud! :)

  9. ashika sgt comel!! how i love baby girl..boleh main fesyen2..

  10. you're awesome and i adore you, love.
    i am this type of person who will never failed to appreciate and adore the effort a mother is making...and i can see that you do.

    rishie and ashika are so lucky.
    i love what you did for their birthdays.
    keep up the good work!

  11. Eicah ~~> Hehehe...tks Eicah! Love never let back my son in fashion either! He gets the best too! :)

  12. Cheryna ~~> Hi Sha! Owh ur words make me so happy ya! Tks alot for the great appreciation! Actually I don't do all that alone, my hubby plays the important role in everything! If he's here, he'll makes sure everything is in place...when he's away, he never failed to give me all the support I needed! We work in team! ;)

    After all we are doing that for our own kids...and we do not expect anything in return.

    We are lucky to have such adorable kids too..hehex!

    Tks again for the compliments Sha! ;) So sweet of U!

  13. Hai Love...
    wah meriahnyer dan happy betul budak2 tu ye...
    Rugi la aunty deeja xdapat join...

  14. wahhh...meriahnyaaa!!! auntie nk sikit cake, ada lagi ke..????

  15. ingtkn gmbr yg dlm frame tu ashika! hehe..sama je muka dgn ashika ms rishie kecik dulu :D

  16. Kak Deeja ~~> Hehex...just for fun kak! Let all the kids be happy! Aisey next time aunty deeja kena join tau! hihi ;)

  17. Kak Ain ~~> Hi Kak...we tapau some cake home...tapi dah abis the same nite! Not mummy...but Rishie! hehex! ;)

  18. Nadiah ~~> Owh yes Nadiah! Ashika looks very similar to Rishie! ;)

  19. Hi Love...kata kt Rishie...auntie Norli ucapkan Selamat Hari Lahir yg ke Lima tahun..Amboi meriahnya birthday dia..pasti happy dpt kek SR yg sedap tu...As usual lah..anak teruna Love handsome sgt...

  20. Kak Norli ~~> Hi KakNorli...tenkiu so much for the wishes! yeah...cake SR tuh is Rishie's fav...so kita order the same jer! Chocolate Indulgence...:)

    Hihi, tenkiu again for the compliments ya! ;)

  21. Happy belated Birthday to Rishie...! Such a handsome young man.... Wow, so lucky to have big delicious Secret Recipe cake!


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