Mutton Masala & Ayam Goreng Berempah Serai...

Hi Everyone!!! How are U all doing??? babai

Uhh, 2 days already erk since Love updated my cyberhome nih! Sorry lor...was abit busy as usual.

Moreover, my grandma from PD is here won't be nice if Love sit infront of the pc most of the time kan...
sengihnampakgigi Kena duk borak2 with her also...

Come online pun kejap jer...check emails from Hubby (but mostly I check em' from my hp jer)...then visit some of the blogs listed under my favourite foodies! Whichever I could only, If I haven't visit U for some time...sorry la! Nanti Love akan visit jugak...hehehe

Thank you so much to all of U for visiting Love's cyberhome...leaving comments...wishes and hellos!
ros Really appreciate ur time!

Oh yeah, some thought Love celebrate Christmas kan...actually NO...hehehe...

Love celebrate Diwali jer. But we as Malaysian, kita tumpang raya other's festives jugak kan..

Worait, without blabbering much here...let's get to the title! Haha...

For our lunch today... Love cooked Mutton Masala, Ayam Goreng Berempah Serai and Cucumber MayoSalad (no pic) senyumkenyit ...makan ngan nasi putih panas2! nyum nyum...lapar

Sapa nak join Love for lunch??? U r most welcome! peluk

Spicy Mutton Masala..CLICK for recipe

My heartiest Thank You to all of U who have tried Love's
Ayam Goreng Berempah Serai
This is for U all!
Yang belum try, check out..CLICK


  1. Spicy mutton masala tu memang nampak spicy n nampak indian food nice knowing u thru cyberworld n can share a lots of indian dishes...thanks love!

    *tarik2 pp ashika..lama dah x cubit nih...berapa kilo dah dia skrg love?hehee

  2. sedapnya mutton masala love tu!!! mkn ngan ns beriyani mesti best!!!!

  3. Hello Love,

    Kak tie teringin nak masak masala tu tapi hari tu pi Giant tak jumpa pulak rempah masala.. Macam mana tu ? Boleh buat sendiri ke ?

  4. Hi Love. TQ for promoting them again. Nanti Along try k, dh masuk list ni, tapi kena tungu weekend lah... weekdays kita selalu kerja balik lewat masak simple2 je. Mutton kat dlm fridge tu dh lama menunggu utk masuk periuk...hehe. My hugs for the little Ashika...!

  5. Adoi... mutton masala tu belom try tp nampak very tempting la Love!!! skrg kite cube stop mkn amben jap sebab mikael got some rashes on his skin. so just trying to avoid any probable food yg maybe contribute to it. Well, nanti dah ok i'll surely give it a try! and the chicken berempah serai! absolutely fabulous. two thumbs up !:D

  6. hi love! dh bw pinggan ni nk mkn mutton masala ngan ayam rempah tu...dh meleleh ni....

  7. Hasue ~~> Hi mention ya! Love share whichever I could only...there r lots more which I dunno to cook...hehex!

    Nice knowing U too in this cyberworld! :)

    Ashika is about 10kgs now...;)

  8. Kak Ain ~~> Hi Kak Ain, betul kak! Makan ngan nasi minyak pun perhhhhhhh! kekeke ;)

  9. Kak Tie ~~> Hi Kak Tie...pls check

    Love dulu buat sendiri jek...karang beli ready made, malas sikit! hehex..

  10. KakRoz ~~> Hi KakRoz! mention ya! Owh is it...then weekend nih will see Mutton Masala in ur home la then! hihi...don't forget to send me some! :)

  11. Ijan ~~> Hi Ijan...thanks for the thumbs up! Really appreciate ur compliments!

    Owh, Mikael got rashes erk...then, better avoid food that can make it worse kan...hope he's better now! ;)

  12. Kak E-na ~~> Aiks..dah bawak pinggan ke kak! Ada lagi mutton tu dlm fridge...kena panaskan dulu...hehe ;)

  13. Alamak, lambat bawa pinggan...Agak2 ada lagi tak yaaa?
    Dah abisssss...? Hu hu hu hu
    Nampak gayanya lepas ni kena buat sendiri lah...Tapi tak tak bila....Vit-R tak datang2 lagi ni...

  14. Alamak...tak boleh tahanlah tgk ayam goreng berserai u tu...mengancamlah! Buat org laparrrr....

  15. love kalau masak selalu tgk memuaskan ati ...

  16. Sue ~~> Hehe Sue...dah abis kamben tu smlm! Aiks, panggil Vit-R..suruh dia dtg cepat2...hehex ;)

  17. Kak Azian ~~> Hehex...tenkiu kak! Oopss...dah lapar ker? :)

  18. Kak Ieda ~~> Hi Kak..tenkiu so much for the compliments kak! ;)


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