Mackerel in Thick Curry & Stir-Fried Egg with Anchovies...

Helloooooooooooooo!!! Hru all doing there???

2010 is just around the corner!!! So what's up??? Any celebration for this New Year??? sengihnampakgigi

Anyways, like yesterday...Love is still in lazy mode...hahaha...

Cooked some Mackerel in Thick Curry...and goreng2 some Eggs with Anchovies (pakai campak je...heee!)

Probably this would be the last foodie post for the year 2009!...
See U all Next Year!!! Take care till then...hehehe

Made this many times's my all-time favourite too!
HERE for recipe...

Stir-fried Egg with Anchovies...


  1. Wah ! Idea bagus tu. Esok boleh masak gitu... kak tie dah jemu masakan yang sama je, hehe..

    - kak tie

  2. Hi Love,
    Kite pun suke idea anchovies with eggs tue... boleh buatkan kat MrFaiz ni ;)
    Happy new year to you and family too... we all takde plan ape for new year celebration. Stay at home with Mikael je lah.lagipun it's freezing outside ;)

  3. hidangan yg simple tetapi sungguh menyelerakan!!!

    happy new year to love n family!!!!

  4. Love...good combo, looks delicious. Happy new year and have a great weekend ya...

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