♥...Tofu Sambal...♥

Hi everyone...already bored looking at my Roti Goreng Telur since this morning??? kihkihkih...

Worait, here's another dish for today...our lunch, teabreak and dinner...Tofu Sambal...sengihnampakgigi

This is a Vegetarian style sambal ya! Very simple yet delicious...for me, ok la!

Tofu Sambal ...vegetarian style...
Recipe courtesy: My MUM
she's a Vegetarian but food must be really hot & spicy for her)...ihikhik

  • 2 pcs Tofu ~ Cut each into 4 or 6 cubes
  • 4 shallots *
  • 4 garlic cloves *
  • 1 cm ginger *
  • 1 large tomato *
  • 1 large onion ~ cut into rings
  • 2 tbsp chilli powder (adjust to ur taste)
  • salt
  • water
  • cooking oil
Cooking methods:~
  1. Blend smooth the ingredients marked *.
  2. Heat oil in a pan. Fry the tofu...sprinkle some salt on. Drain excessive oil, set aside.
  3. Now, add the blended ingredients...stir till fragrant.
  4. Add some water, chilli powder and salt. Stir well and let it boil for few times.
  5. Now, add the onion rings and fried tofu. Let it simmer awhile (make sure the tofu really soaked in the gravy).
  6. Check the salt...add if needed.
  7. Ready to serve!
* For those prefer some nonvege in this dish, U may sprinkle some dried shrimps (dry fry and pounded first) on the Tofu Sambal before serving. kenyit


  1. Ya..ya..ya..I know how delicious it taste by the look..alalala...LOVE get me an empty plate cepat...alalala...sakit perut kelaparan balik dah ni!!!cepat ...letak 5 ke 6 ketul..sikit tak hilang sakit perut karang!

  2. This looks really spicy ni Love... Rishie boleh ke makan tue? heheheh.. kalau tak boleh, meh MrFaiz tolong perabihkan.ehhehe..MrFaiz lak :D

  3. love,sedapnya nampak.akak minta sikit,nak makan dengan roti.

  4. wau..sedapnya love....tofu my favret..masuk list untuk di cuba...mesti dah habiskan...:)
    gambar2 masakan terbaru nampak cantiklah...guna camera baru ke?..

  5. KakWatie ~~> Hehe Kak...Love aledi filled the plate with 6 pcs of tofu! :)

  6. Ijan ~~> Hi Ijan...yeah Rishie can eat spicy food...but tofu is not his fav...so he ate less! I made some other dish for him! Owh, sure can for MrFaiz! ;)

  7. KakMaria ~~> Hi Kak...here U are Kak!!! :)

  8. KakTinta ~~> Hi Kak...tenkiu!

    Aiks, Love using the same camera je kak! Maybe I've built up my photography skills kot! hehehe :)

  9. Hi kak Love,
    Ini resipi your mom? uish! mesti sedap tuh, n berasap skali. kihkih.
    kalu guna tauhu (yg keras tu), ganti tofu , jadi tak?

  10. Hi love...looks fiery hot...yummy too...

  11. Nurindah ~~> Hi Nur...hehe yup it's my mum's recipe coz she's a vegetarian and she likes simple cooking je all the time!

    Tofu and tauhu sama je kan...kekeke! Love guna tauhu keras tu gak! ;)

  12. Treat and Trick ~~> Hehe, yeah sis...that's due to the tomato blend...and the chilli powder as well...:)

  13. LOVE...masuk sini ada tofu sambal...kena masak macam ni jugalah hari ni peberet my Hubby tu..tapi anak2 tak suka kena fikir menu lain pulak ni...he..he,,,

  14. KakIntan ~~> Hehe yes kak...even my son pun tak suka tofu, dia ambik sambalnye jer..kena goreng ayam lagik tuk dia! huhuhu :)

  15. Selalu ayam gorengggg jeee....sesekali ubah selera best gak ni....

  16. will try this recipe....


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