♥...Foodies last week...♥

Hi Everyone!!! How r U all doing out there??? babai

Uish, dah lama Love tak update cyberhome nih kan! Ada yang miss Love tak??? kihkihkih...

Tenkiu so much for all of U yang sudi jenguk2 cyberhome Love nih ya! Appreciate ur time for coming over...

Many thanks to all who wished my dearest Hubby on his Birthday too...we did a small gathering among our family members...gave my hubby a surprise cake too...kenyit

Actually, time is just not there for me to come online often...datang pun kejap je...busy tersangat with family...memang enjoy! hehehe...

Enjoy punye enjoy, Love is now down with flu! Same goes with Rishie and Ashika...haishhhh!

Took Ashika to see her paed today...she's wheezing abit, had to nebulize her...

Love pun jumpa doctor semalam...bad sorethroat and flu as well...adeyyyyy! Kalau sakit2 camni mmg takde mood nak makan pun! I hate sorethroats...

Anyways...here r some of the foodies we had whole last week...ada masak gak, but most of the pics takde...kekeke...

Layan some for now ya... sengihnampakgigi

Telur Rebus Masak Kari.. CLICK for recipe
Special Breakfast by Hubby...
Cocktail Sausage, Egg+Tomato Omelette, Hashbrown...

Kesari (Indian sweet)...Love used Baba's Kesari Mix...added some coconut milk in it...

I love this...Prosperity Chicken Burger...
Okey, those are some of the foodies we had whole last week..sengihnampakgigi


  1. Hai Love...
    Wahhhh lately ni bzzz je yaaa...? Tapi itu normallahkan...

    I harap u and your kids cepat² sembuh dan sihat seperti biasa...

    Apa² pun sambal telur rebus tu nampak best jeee....Datang bawa pinggan nak sikettttt...

  2. hi love....

    semoga cepat sembuh yea....

  3. Take care and hope to see more of your home cooked recipes. Can you share the Indian Egg curry. Thanks. Pushps Soh.

  4. Sue ~~> Hi Sue...yeah mmg busy lately, busy ngan Mega Project gak! hihihi

    Tks for the concern...right now Love mmg tak sihat...nak baring je..:(

  5. Kak Fae ~~> Hi Kak, tks for the concern...wish to recover soon too! ;)

  6. Ms Pushpa Soh ~~> Hi sis, hehe sure2 will come up with more recipes from my kitchen. For the egg curry pls see> http://love2cook-msia.blogspot.com/2009/10/telur-dadar-masak-kari-pekat.html.

  7. alahai syiannya dia and anak2 x berapa sihat ye..! take care n get well soon!!!

  8. dear love...alaaaaa..siannye tak sihat ye..'mamam ubat ye..'(faheem pesan)ngeeeee..

  9. Hi dear!!!
    Thanks for asking about Mikael. He's doing great thanks. Rashes pun dah takde... cuma mama nya kena betul2 pantang telur. tp takpe... anything for him ;)
    Love tak sihat ke? sorethroat? ohohoh... hopefully Love and Ashika get well soon...take a very good care of urself dear :)

  10. Hi kak Love,
    Hope you feeling better today. Seme menu nampak sedap, especially kesari tu. i've made your egg curry. :)

  11. Hi Love...how are you and your kids getting on? Hope all are well now. Foodie looks yummy!

  12. KakAin ~~> A ah kak...we alls tak sihat...uhukuhuk! tks for the concern kak! ;)

  13. CikMin ~~> Wow, tks Faheem! Sure we will :)

  14. Ijan ~~> No worries Ijan...anything for Mikael! hehehe ;)

    Owh, tks for the concern...I really hate becoming sick lor! :(

  15. Nurindah ~~> Hi Nur..right now Love is still unwell..uhuk uhuk! :(

    Owh yeah..I saw ur egg curry yesterday! Marvellous!

  16. Treat n Trick ~~> Hi kak..we r still unwell right now...blm 100% okey...:(

    Tks kak! ;)

  17. Thanks. Will try this weekend. Saw your sons concert last year in one of your post. My son went to the same nursery for a year and his teacher is also Ms. Ng. Now he is in Tshing Nien Port Klang. Small World. Pushpa Soh

  18. hi <3! get well soon...<3 yr kesari!

  19. Sorry, got the name wrong. She's Ms Lee. My son went there in year 2006 when he was 2 years old. Hope you have recovered. Take care. Pushpa Soh

  20. Ms Pushpa Soh ~~> Hi Sis, owh really...yeah it's a small world na! My son is in SM6 now and his teacher is Teacher Vani. I'm still recovering sis. Tks ya! ;)

  21. Deliah's Deli ~~> Hiiii! Welcomeeee! Tks ya ;)


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