♥...JJCM at Sawadee ~ Thai Restaurant...♥

Hi Everyone!!! babaiHow r U all doing today???

Okey, as usual if Hubby is around...Love suka JJCM! kekeke...dah boring Love makan masakan sendiri! Wakakaka...

Well, semalam kita rasmikan pulak a newly opened Thai Restaurant, Sawadee...located opposite Aeon Jusco BBT...ihikhik

Food was good...but Love's first choice for Thai food in Malaysia would be Amarin Heavenly Thai kat Midvalley Megamall tuh! nyum nyum...lapar

But for Hubby, he dah biasa makan Thai food kat Songkhla and Phuket...kenyit and his most favourite would be Tom Yum Kung!

Layan the pics ya! Take care all...

At the counter...


Stir-fried Chicken with cashew nuts...(so so only...tak pedas!)

Kailan in Oyster Sauce campur Ikan Masin...

What's this???

Owh, My Hubby's fav Tom Yum Kung...
(Hubby said it's very spicy...but not for Love and Rishie..sengihnampakgigi)

My Fresh Watermelon...slurrpppp!

Okey, foodie pics over!...

Ashika posing with Hubby's glasses...

Another pose...

Rishie busy with his drink...


  1. amboi ashika..bukan main bergaya lg dgn spek tu :D

    p/s: slalu takde gmbr kak love. ngelat ye! hihi..

  2. Hi Love...best nya Thai food akak pun suka....bestkan pi JJCM dgn family

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi kak Love,
    how r you?
    Soooo sweet, Ashika.
    hihi. Keta seblah kiri tu, Hubby kak Love punya ke? kihkih.
    selamat JJCM! Hihi

  5. Hi Love Glad to see you have such a great time with Hubby & Kids...this is the moment of recapture...for time flies so fast....Enjoy the great time ya!!

  6. Hi Love, I'm also from Klang and I enjoy your blog. I love Thai food and would try this rest. Reg. Pushpa Soh

  7. hi love....comel la ashika ngan glasses tu,gaya seorang model....seronknye jjcm ngan family tambahan mkn tomyam kung plak tu

  8. Hi Dear!!

    Have been very busy this week. Tak sempat nk datang jenguk Love and family... how are you and everybody dear? seronok jalan2 nampak... Ashika pun bagi best pose for her mama's blog.hehehe.. she soo cute with the glasses :D

  9. wah sekali ashikah posing ...phewitttttttttttttttttt auntie eryn pun terpikat la

  10. Hai Love,

    I pun kalau masuk rest Thai mesti tak miss dia punya tom yam...

    Wowwwww...Ashika so cute...Geram nak I cubit² pipinya....

  11. hi love...bz betoi love yeah...dah x npk love visit faheem..its ok k.min phm..coz love tgh hepi2 wif hubby...weeeeeee....hepi weekend dear...

  12. Nadiah ~~> Hi Nadiah..hehe, Love shy2! ;)

  13. Kak JC ~~> Hi Kak...yeah Love pun suka Thai food! Outing with family is the best of the best! ;)

  14. Nurindah ~~> Hi Nur...yeah, kereta sebelah kiri tuh my hubby's car..kiki :)

  15. Kak Watie ~~> Hi KakWatie..yes kak! My family is everything to me! ;)

  16. Pushpa Soh ~~> Hi Pushpa! Glad to know U r from Klang as well! ;) Yeah, U should give this Thai restaurant a try! :)

  17. Rokiah ~~> Hehe, Ashika's spontaneous pose tuh! :)

  18. Ijan ~~> Hi Ijan...We r fine here! Really busy as time running fast too! kekeke...Ashika suka posing2, if she's in good mood! ;)

  19. Sue ~~> Hi Sue...bes kan Thai food. Hehehe Ashika cabutttt! ;)

  20. KakMin ~~> Owh KakMin...thanks for understanding ya kak! Mmg Love busy sgt when Hubby is around. Suka lepak! kikiki :)

    Faheem is always on my thoughts! ;)


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