♥...Menu on last Saturday...♥

Good afternoon everyone! babai How r u ladies doing out there???

My Hubby reached home safely last Saturday! Well, it was a long travel back home, but he as usual did not show any signs of tireness! phewwwww! Always energetic!

Well, as per his request...Love cooked his
favourite Ghee Rice, Chicken Curry, Raita and AGB Serai...kenyit

As for yesterday (
Sunday)...no cooking la...but we had lots of cekodoks and cucur ikan bilis for teabreak...we had some guests too! My cousin sis and her family came to see us before she leaves to Riyadh next month..(she's a staffnurse and abt to join new company there)...All the best to U sis...senyumkenyit

Okey, as for
today...Love cooked Nasi Lemak...againnnnnnnnnn! hahaha...that's my Hubby's favourite too! With prawn sambal...sengihnampakgigi But, I didn't snap any pic coz dah banyak kali tayang...malas abit! hehe...

Oh yeah, Love mostly at home only ya...though Hubby is on leave, we don't go for vacations like we used to do before coz our son is schooling! So, kita lepak2 nearby only...

Alright, for now.. layan the pics of our menu last Saturday ya! Late update...kikiki...
(pics taken with my HP camera jer!!! no time for posing)...senyum

Love would like to thank all good hearts out there for the wishes to my Hubby and Love as well! Thank U all so much for sharing our happiness!
See ya!

Chicken Curry in the making...hahaha...still boiling in the wok...
gulp gulp...sengihnampakgigi
This Chicken Curry contains no santan/milk...plain curry...delicious still!
Love will update the recipe some other time, okey!


  1. Hi, love..oh hubby is back ya...wow..
    u must have been missing him like crazy right?..hehe..tak apalah..actually it made both of your love stronger tau..this is what I think..cause I ever felt like that before..

  2. Nyum..nyum..nyum..Bila tengok nasi u buat I rasa lapar jeeee...

  3. Amboiiii! looks delicious!!! lapar laaaa...

  4. helooooooooooooo my dear LOVE
    i'm back
    very the sedapp semua menu niehhh

  5. its look very delicious......yummy...yummy...jgn lupa n3 resepi yer

  6. Hi LoVE.....be a good girl ya.....!Must have lots of catching up to do.....got what I mean????

    Psst....Enjoy ya!

  7. Hello Love...yummy but unfortunately can't come over taste it...be happy ya....

  8. Amboi Love, tak habis sengeh2 lagi ker...sure lah, kan dh lama berjauhan...hehehe... hope you enjoy his company. Your curry looks so delicious as always... if I'm near you, will ask you to cook for me too...hehe

  9. Kak Ayu ~~> U r right kak...our love bond gets stronger! ;)

  10. Kak E-na ~~> Hi Kak...hehehe...jom join Love! ;)

  11. Kak Ieda ~~> Hi Kak...glad to see U here again! ;)

  12. Rokiah ~~> Hi Kiah...sure2, will update the recipe when I'm free, ok. :)

  13. Kak Watie ~~> Hehee, what's there to catch up kak??? HIHIHI :)

  14. KakRoz ~~> Hi Kak...sengih2 takde la kak! huhuhu...

    Uh, Love ingat nak mintak akak masakkan for Love if U r nearby! ahakz! ;)

  15. Aduhhh!!! dah la tak makan lagi hari ni..nampak pulak ayam berempah serai faveret i tuh... sedapppnyeee!!! nk jugak satu set macam tuu..plissss :)


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